Foods To Avoid This Holiday Season

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a noted plastic surgeon who recently moved her thriving practice to Austin, Texas, and she is one of the greatest proponents of a healthy diet for her patients. Dr. Walden wants women to experience their inner diva, and her procedures help women look their best in all cases. This article explores four foods that people should not eat during their midlife, and Dr. Walden implores women to eat well to ensure that their cosmetic surgeries provide best results.

#1: Fruitcake And Bread

Fruitcake is the most common dessert item of the holidays, and people who are in the grips of middle age are encouraged to eat as little fruitcake as possible. Fruitcake has far too much sugar content for the average person, and the starch in bread can cause quite a bit of water retention. Women who want to look their best are encouraged by professionals like Dr. Walden to avoid fruitcake and bread items as much as possible over the holidays.

#2: Fried Foods

Fried foods introduce too many toxins to the body, and Dr. Walden’s treatments are based on keeping a healthy diet. Dr. Walden believes that women should eat well after their procedures, and she teaches women the right foods to eat during the course of the year. Avoiding fried foods will help with unintended weight gain.

#3: Alcohol

Everyone can have a drink now and then, but Dr. Walden believes that women should drink as little as possible following their procedures. Alcohol dries out the body, and women will find it difficult to have the smooth and silky skin they are looking for. Dr. Walden performs procedures daily that help women look their best, but women will lose their lovely skin when they are drinking too much alcohol.

Dr. Jennifer Walden wants women to find their inner diva after a cosmetic procedure in her office, but she knows that women must treat their bodies well after each procedure. The four foods that everyone must avoid will help prevent weight gain and dry skin that is counterproductive when working with a skilled surgeon like Dr. Walden.

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