Facts About Fuse And Skout You Did Not Know

Skout is a unique social networking platform that is centered towards providing excellent social networking features to the user such that interacting with people outside the usual social circle becomes much easier. This mobile application belongs to the top league of social communication apps, and the best thing with it is the fact that it easily doubles as a dating and travel app. Initially, it was started as a travel application to help travelers going to new destinations get to know a few people from the city and show them around.

In its earlier days before it managed to turn itself into a dating application, many used to term it as the ‘adult penpal zone’. The app Skout gained much popularity after it introduced a travel feature that made it possible for members to take virtual journeys being assisted by the locals in the region and get to know the destination better before taking the actual visit. In fact, users who have taken those virtual journeys end up doing real trips even if it was meant just to make friends in the first place.

When the travel feature was introduced, it was meant to be used in two different ways; to help those with an intention to visit a new city get to know a few friends before making the actual visit and to just make friends in different cities of the world. So far so good, the company has had huge success with both missions, and the best thing with it is the fact that it can be accessed in different languages an on Android and iPhone devices.

Skout also incorporated Fuse into its platform a few months ago. The app has over 500 million users from 180 different countries who are connected using their mobile phone number and initials. With Fuse, users get an easy to use, and organized platform where constructing a social network is as easy and fast as blinking the eye. Designed for people on the go, Fuse allows users to have added features including diffusing recently added photos and messages as one deems fit.

Before venturing into Fuse, Skout had already gotten into profit, and it was getting not less than 1.5 million new users monthly. In the past, Skout has also acquired Nixter, a night life app for a sum it did not disclose. However, with Fuse, the company was bound to get even more popular based on the fact that it is free and available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Members are also given the ability to use their domain, use it and discard it whenever they feel like without being limited on the amount one can use. A user can also jump from one conversation to another without worrying about leaving trash and traces behind since all messages delete themselves automatically. Both applications have succeeded where many more others have failed in the past; managing to keep the fire burning by coming up with new and better features that make users glued and intrigued.

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