Facelift magic by Dr Rod Rohrich

A facelift is one of the sought-after form of plastic surgeries these days and it is becoming increasingly popular among the female fraternity. For a lot of women, it is about improving their self-esteem and undertaking tasks in a much more confident way than before. And Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the best plastic surgeons specializing in the field of the facelift. He has performed a countless number of facelift surgeries and has been quite successful in reshaping lives of so many people. His approach to facelift surgery is quite unique; he is of the belief that everyone’s features are different and hence every surgery needs to be performed in a different way. This out of the box thinking has led to so many successful surgeries in the field.

He takes his own time in analyzing distinct features in a patient and devising a plan specific to that particular patient so that both of them are on the same page. He also takes a lot of time in understanding the patients’ needs and reasoning behind the surgery so that realistic results could be achieved. And when he performs the surgery, he makes sure that he lifts deeper layers of the face as well as fills the central cheek area. With the advancements in technology, Dr. Rohrich employs some of the modern procedures like ‘fat compartment filling’ in his surgeries. Because of his innovative and a personalized approach, while dealing with patients, he has been rated as one of the best doctors in America by the Good Housekeeping Magazine.


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