Eric Pulier Has A Longstanding Career In Business And Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is a multi-talented business leader. He has been a mentor and benchmark to a lot of people. Erick went through Teaneck High School, and when he graduated in the year 1984, he got the rare opportunity of advancing his studies at the Ivy League, Havard University. Pulier earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, English and American Literature.


After college, Eric Pulier was now equipped to leave a mark in business as well as philanthropy. He has focused on helping the economically disadvantaged and children who have chronic diseases and conditions. His ventures have been centered around technology and continue to provide cutting edge solutions to businesses and individuals.


At his Alma Mata, Harvard, Pulier acquired a lot of journalistic experience working with the university’s publication called the Harvard Crimson. The magazine explored various topics such as the misconceptions about a Harvard Graduate. It also provided an in-depth analysis of life at the prestigious college. After Havard, Eric relocated to Los Angeles and started a company he called People Doing Things in the year 1991. The enterprise dealt with technological solutions for the health and education sectors. In the year 1998, Eric experienced his first business acquisition because a Digital Digital Evolution, a company he’d founded in the year 1994 was merged with US Interactive, LLC.


To date, Eric Pulier has continued to push his business success to different levels. He has been the man behind over 15 enterprises. One of his most notable ventures is the SOA software. More often than not, Eric wears the hat of a motivational and public speaker. He makes appearances in technology summits and lectures on various topics such as mentorship, entrepreneurship, and management.


Because of his vast experience in running businesses, Pulier has the role of a member of the board of directors at XPrize Foundation. The foundation initiates contests in which people have to come up with technological solutions to some humanity’s most stubborn problems.


Eric Pulier lives in Los Angeles together with his four children.He is dedicated to raising heirs who will advance his philanthropic and business ventures.


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