Eric Pulier Dedicated His Talents To Great Things

Eric Pulier has always had a knack for technology, and ever since he was little he has been showing that talent and putting it to good use. Before the age of 10, Eric had already began his work with computers, learning to program and even build his own computer. He took the next step once he made it to high school, as he started up his own online computer database business during the same period of time.

Eric Pulier had big aspirations for himself and in technology, which is why he decided to expand on his education after completing high school. He went on to attend Harvard University, earning degrees in both English and Literature, with a lot of extra activity within computer sciences. Following this, he even went on to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to further hone his technological and entrepreneurial skills. After Eric felt confident in his abilities and learning, he got started on his journey for success and moved to California, where he ultimately started up his first company. This company, People Doing Things, was the first of Eric’s successes, and was largely focused on helping find solutions for major issues relating to things such as education and peoples health care.

After he found success rather quickly with his first company, Eric was more than ready to move on to new opportunities, and he had many ideas he wanted to test out in the future, and this was his motivation to start up his next company, Digital Evolution. This company was another success for Eric, and it was even acquired and merged with US Interactive.

To date, Eric has founded more than a dozen companies, all based around technology, and many of which have focused on providing new innovations and ways of helping find solutions for problems around the world. That’s alongside Eric’s numerous contributions and efforts in humanitarian work, as Eric has donated to many charities and non-profits over the years, such as Starbright Foundation, and he is also part of the Clinton Global Initiatives.

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