Eric Pulier: American Author, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is known for being amongst the most successful entrepreneurs in enterprise technology and government. Pulier has either founded or co-founded some of the most well-known venture capital groups in the nation. These include service oriented infrastructure (SOA Software), Rich Media Presentation (Media Platform), Virtual Desktops (Desktone), and Enterprise Professional Services (U.S. Interactive).


Eric Pulier was reared in Teaneck, New Jersey. When Pulier was only in the 4th grade he began programming computers and in high school, he developed a computer database company. In 1984, Pulier began attending Harvard University majoring in English and American literature. While attending the University, he wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson, and he was an editor. Pulier graduated magna cum laude.


In 1991, Pulier established People Doing Things (PDT) which was a company that focused on education, healthcare, and other issues through the usage of technology. By 1994, Pulier had developed Digital Evolution and in 1998 merged with U.S. Interactive. Later, Pulier developed Starbright, which was centered on chronically ill kids. Starbright is a social network where the children can blog, chat, and meet others who have similar experiences. Pulier was chosen in 1997 to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition. Pulier went on to take part in a technology and healthcare forum with Al Gore (Vice President at the time), and he assisted initiatives for technology and health related issues.

Philanthropic Efforts

Pulier is very active within the philanthropic community; he is a donor for several types of non-profit programs that make a difference in the world. Pulier is most notably recognized for endeavors that utilize technology to resolve intractable issues in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods or children all over the world who are physically impaired. Very early in Pulier’s career, he created one of the very first multimedia educational programs to educate people with Multiple Sclerosis about their disease.


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