Eric Lefkofsky Brings Big Data to the Fight Against Cancer

Data collection has been somewhat of a sensitive topic to discuss as immediately the term elicits visions of prying eyes of government agencies and parties that would use that data in destructive ways. Though the truth about large data collection and the algorithms that analyze the large volumes of information is much more benign and has potential to change life for the better. Already large amounts of data are collected and analyzed to help re-enforce infrastructure society relies on such traffic signals but it has yet to be applied directly to fighting against one of the most destructive diseases our species can contract, cancer. Click Here for more.

Though the selfless individuals at Tempus, a tech start-up founded by visionary Eric Lefkofsky, have created a program that is using the same principles applied elsewhere for data collection and analyzation but this time focused on finding effective treatment options for those diagnosed with cancer.

Tempus Provides New Way to Fight Cancer

Tempus has teamed up with doctors and hospitals across the country, giving them access to the system they’ve designed. The program which uses data that doctors collect from individual patients over the course of their treatments is stored and analyzed to find patterns within the data. The patterns discovered are then in turn used to better hone the treatment plans used by doctors based on the findings of what treatments are more effective for certain types of individuals.

The breakthrough tech has finally brought together an often spread apart collection of data that would have been unused in the fight to end cancer.

What and Who is Tempus?

Tempus is the creation of founder Lefkofsky, who’s previous successes include founding Lightbank and the widely successful Groupon. Where others might hang up their coat and rest on their laurels, Eric Lefkofsky put his earnings from his previous ventures into founding the company to fight cancer and hopefully one day end the suffering of those afflicted by the disease.

If you would like to learn more about Eric Lefkofsky please visit Tempus website.

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