EOS Lip Balm Bypasses Mundane Competition

The Evolution of Smooth has undeniably changed the game when it comes to lip balm. A product that was considered bland and rather mundane before is now something that celebrities are posting about. People that have become fans of EOS lip balm are giving it great reviews, see (Influenster.com).  The celebrities are talking about how smooth this lip balm is. Others are interested in knowing more about the ingredients that are considered safe for the skin. All of these things have made EOS one of the more popular lip balm brands around.

There is a simple reason that the reviews are good. This reason has a lot to do with the fact that this lip balm comes in a numerous amount of colors and flavors. This makes it great for decorating for parties. This also gives people that are tired of the same old monotony a chance to spice things up with new types of lip balm.

While other companies were content with doing the same things over and over again the manufacturers behind EOS lip balm were coming up with new and exciting ideas. This is a company that definitely had a desire to change the perspective that consumers had about lip balm. They really wanted to change the way that people were going to respond it. Now there are videos that compare the different EOS flavors, refer to https://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245.

In EOS lip balm videos it is easy to see how this lip balm has been able to stand out from what the competition has been doing. It comes in a spear shaped container that is bigger than the normal lip balm tube. This means that it is easier to find when a woman puts it in her purse. This also means that one spear is going to last much longer than smaller tube.


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