Entrepreneur CEO Vinod Gupta Is Now Funding Startups For Budding Entrepreneurs


Vinod Gupta is a successful entrepreneur who is recognized as a leading business owner, investment analyst, and philanthropist. Vinod Gupta launched an enterprise that grew tremendously, and under Vinod’s insightful management skills and his financial expertise. Vinod served as the CEO of InfoUSA, and he held the same title after he changed its name to InfoGROUP.

He was born and raised in India. Vinod Gupta moved to the United States as a young man with a vision. With $100 that he borrowed from the bank, he eventually sold his list compiling database business for $680 million. He now owns and operates Everest Group, a venture capital firm that focuses in part on the acquisition of growing businesses. The firm also provides funding to technology startups. Find More Information Here.

Vinod Gupta spends much of his days planning and goal setting for the future of the company. He acknowledges that he does not spend too much of the day dealing with the day to day matters. Vinod leaves the daily operations to his trusted staff members. Vinod Gupta sees himself as a risk taker, but not so much when there are funds involved. Vinod learned a lot over the years, and he would offer this advice to entrepreneurs that are just starting out.

Vinod Gupta moved ahead with his first business even though some people advised him otherwise. There were those who said that no one would be interested in his database product. He applied his “Method of Analysis” of the cost benefits of the product, and he used his own judgment rather than listening to other people. Vinod stayed on the track he set for himself, and he pursued his dream to launch his first company.

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