End Citizens United Brings Attention to Many Issues with Corporate Donations

Now that the Citizens United law is in place, corporations are able to donate just as if they were actual citizens. There is no cap on the amount they can donate or on what they can do for the politicians who they support. In fact, they can spend as much money as they want without worrying about going over any limits or having any effect on the things they can do in the future. Part of what has made this law so bad is that citizens are not getting anything out of it. They are not able to get the right type of help and they have to compete with big corporations when they may only have a few thousand, or a few hundred, dollars to donate. Meanwhile, corporations are donating millions of dollars to the ones who have their best interests in mind.

The people who are trying to make the politicians they like stand out are the ones who are getting the short end of the deal with Citizens United. Citizens who are supportive of a certain politician may not be able to get the right type of help they need because of the issues that come from having to compete with those who are a part of a competition. There have been different things they know how to do and they have to make sure they are trying to give back to the rest of the citizens. As long as they have a chance to vote and to change the outlook of the political climate.

Depending on the way that End Citizens United is able to work as a political action committee, they are going to stop some of the issues that people have had with Citizens United. The community likes to work together to provide different opportunities for people who also want the same thing. The best part about End Citizens United is that their efforts are going to help every citizen. No matter a person’s political affiliation, they can benefit from what End Citizens United is doing and what they are going to continue doing in different situations.

As corporations see how successful End Citizens United is becoming, they are concerned about the issues that might come from what they are missing out on. In fact, they may not be able to get the same help that they wanted from the industry. When corporations cannot donate a lot of money to politicians. When that happens, End Citizens United will be there and will be the reason for it. They are going to put an end to Citizens United and put the power of donations to politicians back in the hands of the citizens where it should be.

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