Education is Key to Defeating Dengue and Zika Fevers

It was announced by Brazil’s Health Secretary that researchers have found the mosquito which spreads the chikungunya virus that causes yellow fever, also spreads both the zika virus and the dengue virus. He taught that all three diseases manifest similar symptoms. There is eye pain, high fever, body aches all over, sore muscles, and cluster of red blotches on the skin.

As he educates those who are unaware of these tropical fever diseases, he talks about the fact that once you contract the fever, there is no treatment other than emergency re-hydration efforts. There is not yet an antiviral that has proved effective at preventing any of these diseases as a vaccine would. The research continues in efforts by medical scientists to discover a way to at least reverse the symptoms. Hydration centers are the main battle line to date.

However, Dr. Cortes also revealed there is in the works, a vaccine that in one trial was 80% successful against four strains of dengue fever. The drug is not on the market, yet. It is still waiting for the National Health Surveillance Agency to finalize approval to release the drug.

For the moment the efforts to rehydrate and commit patients to five days of total bed rest have proved quite successful in preventing diseases from occurring and spreading. This was especially true during the heavy flooding. Experts said working to keep the mosquitoes from breeding and clearing out areas of standing water where their larva thrive is the best way to prevent occurrences of these mosquito-borne viruses.

We now know how important it is to create solutions for discovering the differences between the 3 diseases, because of the discovery of these 2 new viruses. The zika virus causes your eye sockets to burn and itch, producing bright red eyes, whereas dengue fever causes muscle pains and pain behind the eyes. And all your joints to hurt when you contract yellow fever (chikungunya virus). Doctors are not sure whether the same victim can contract more than one fever virus at a time. This information was obtained from Sergio Cortes: teacher.

Doctor Cortes commanded that the government send out fully equipped teams of Epidemiological Surveillance workers to combat the spread of disease. These fevers and leptospirosis, diarrhea, and hepatitis A. Dr. Sergio Cortes has worked in healing and preventing chronic back pain through inexpensive, holistic living. The key is to develop proper posture habits. It is bad habits in posture that produce back pain.

This information was originally reported on Noticias R7.

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