Diversant is a growing company

The IT field is growing at a rapid pace. Every company needs IT solutions to keep their business going. Retail locations are constantly looking for help with their point of sale systems, while corporate offices need help with their network. Companies throughout the world are looking for a unique perspective on technology, and companies like Diversant have stepped up to fill that void.

Diversant is the largest minority-owned IT staffing firm in the United States. The company is committed to recruiting people from unique backgrounds and helping to place them with companies that desperately need their IT skills. They conduct their business with integrity, and they are committed to solving their clients technology issues. The firm has grown incredibly popular within the industry, as hundreds of companies appreciate the IT professionals that Diversant can send their way.

Diversant is a great company, but they did not reach popularity tonight. Diversant’s growth happened because they have an amazing leadership team. The leadership team at Diversant features three amazing professionals from the IT industry, including the brilliant John Goullet.

John Goullet has worked in the IT sector for more than twenty years. He started as an IT consultant, helping companies around the world develop the IT solutions they need. He took the knowledge he acquired as an IT consultant into the IT staffing world in 1994. John knows what businesses need and he realizes the huge role that staffing plays in the IT world. John founded Info Technologies in the early nineties, and the firm quickly grew into a powerful name within the staffing community. They were bringing in $30 million a year easily. In 2010, John decided to merge his company with Diversant Inc. to form a powerful IT staffing company. Since that time John’s leadership has helped Diversant become an industry leader. Businesses are constantly looking to Diversant for the IT staffing solutions they need.

Diversant plays a vital role in the IT industry. Companies need IT professionals from diverse backgrounds, and Diversant is more than capable of providing the experts these companies need. Look for Diversant to play a huge role in years to come.

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