Digging in Deeper with James Dondero

James Dondero is an island of experience and expertise when it comes to credit markets. Having worked in the field for more than thirty years, Dondero knows the dos and don’ts in this important discipline. James is currently renowned as the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. Dondero also happens to be the Chairman of CCS Medical, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and American Banknote Corporation.



Before Dondero’s arrival at Highland Capital Management, he worked for Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary, American Express, and JP Morgan. Over the years, Dondero has been able to acquire unique sets of skills that range from investment grade corporate, emerging market debt, high-yield bonds, and mortgage-backed securities to derivatives and preferred stocks. With a BS in Commerce in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia, James has become an unrivaled credit market expert.



In October 2016, James Dondero decided to award a $1 million grant in support of The Family Place through his company, Highland Capital Management according to linkedin.com. The Family Place is an organization created to help people affected by family violence. The $1 million challenge grant was expected to close in the gap of a $2.8 million shortfall by mid-2017. The grant got issued through the Highland Dallas Foundation, a philanthropic organization created under the Highland Capital Management banner. Dondero came to the assistance of the Legacy Campaign after the Dallas mayor, and police chief had requested members of the public to initiate financial drives in support of The Family Place so that they can better fight domestic violence in the region. In just a year, The Family Place had raised a significant amount of money from philanthropists and donors.



Proceeds from the Legacy Campaign would go to the construction of a counseling center. Part of the proceeds would also go to offering operational support to the facility. Since 2017 has only begun, the facility is still under construction. It will host 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a medical and dental clinic, individual and group counseling centers, a job training hub, as well as a customer care facility. The institution is also expected to attend to more than 2,000 family violence victims and 6,000 students that have undergone cases of bullying per year. When complete, the building will get named after Ann Moody. Thanks to people like James Dondero, family violence victims will no longer suffer in silence.


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