Demystifying the Myths Associated with Koch Bothers Network

For a long time, Charles and David Koch popularly known as Koch brothers had managed to operate secretively until a series of investigative reports began to appear in 2010. The reports from all quarters revealed that the two brothers were funding an anti-Obama campaign and creating a platform for electing Republicans. The stories about the two brothers’ political agenda and spending were interesting at the beginning, but the exaggeration paints different pictures and offers misleading information to the general public. To set the record straight and provide genuine information to observers of American politics as well as reformist here is a list of myths about the Koch brothers.

Despite the political activities of the two brothers gaining popularity after Obama assumed the presidency, they were reshaping American politics for decades. Koch brothers were responsible for funding academic research institutes such as the George Mason University and Cato Institute since the 1970s. David Koch viewed for vice presidency on Liberty Party ticket back in 1980. Koch brothers proceeded to fund more organizations that could use public campaigns to ensure their preferred policies were implemented by both the Congress and the state.

According to Forbes magazine, Charles Koch held the fifth position in its list of 400 richest Americans. The brothers spend countless amount of money supporting both education and political causes. Their ability to rally hundreds of families that are wealthy and conservative makes their network an influential one. The growth in numbers of seminars organized by these brothers indicates that their network is a joint project.

Some activists believe that Koch network is founded on self-interest. They majorly focus on funding activities of the two brothers in the environmental sector. However, the two brothers have campaigned against oppressive policies in the medical care, health reform, and social security sector.

The network supports most foundations and community-based organization, but the amount that goes to each group is minimal.

Charles Koch is an established businessperson and an active philanthropist. He co-owns Koch Industries and serves as its CEO as well as chairperson of its board. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1957 with an undergraduate degree in general engineering. Charles Koch furthered his education and graduated with master’s degree in mechanical engineering and chemical engineering in 1958 and 1960 respectively. His humanitarian activities revolve around research, educational projects, and policies that are geared towards advancing free-market views.

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