Danilo Diaz Granados: A Hard Working Entrepreneur

Danilo Diaz Granados is a professional working with Fireman Capital Partners that is well known for financial planning and is located outside Boston, Massachusetts in Waltham city. Since 2015 he has been one of the partners working for the company. Before working for Fireman Capital Partners, Danilo served as an account advisor at one of the most reputable Miami equity investment firms. While working for the company, he kept assessing the international investment and return issues that are tied to energy efficiency, fine arts, hedge funds, startups and merchandising as well as real estate. He has also been creatively evaluating social and demographic factors involving potential investment chances. He has also kept a keen and creative evaluation of all the funds that arise from his two leading businesses.

Danilo has an outstanding and undeniable career experience. His is the private and founder of the boutique by the name Toys For Boys located in Miami. He has his business based in Florida as well. This is a high-end boutique that brings together the two elements of tradition and modernization, exotic as well as timepieces autos in a comfortable and meaningful manner. The Toys For Boys store is not the only place where his entrepreneurial skills start and ends either. He is also the Edge of Glory Films co-founder and producer too. This is another business in Miami that depicts the true entrepreneurial nature of Danilo.in this company, Danilo is in charge of editing, promotions, as well as communication production and distribution at the Edge of Glory films. The main goal that is driving the company is to deliver a Hispanic center media to the United States residents.

Danilo has a management position in the Movilway. In Movilway, he began working with the company in 2012. This is a company that specializes in prepaid mobile payments. It is also a Celtic Holdings Company center created in 2010. Its main offices are in Spain. The CEO of the company is Fernando Fiksman.

Danilo is a bachelor’s degree holder from the College of Babson in economics and entrepreneurship. He became a financial advisor and an entrepreneur and had his business operating from Miami. He has also worked with the Fireman Capital Partners as one of the partners and was put in charge of the research about global issues that affects equity investments such as energy efficiency as well as hedge funds and the development of startups innovations.

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