DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Believes in Diversity at Workplace

Hussain Sajwani is amongst the most accomplished and successful realtor and businessmen in Dubai. In the last few years, Hussain Sajwani’s Damac Properties has contributed immensely to the real estate development in the United Arab Emirates. Hussain Sajwani believes that it is essential for the businessmen to seize the opportunity when they see it. It is for this reason he moved back to Dubai even when he was successfully running a catering business in the United States. He has studied industrial engineering and economics from the George Washington University.

Damac Owner understands the taste of the elite class and has developed residential complex accordingly. Some of the many residential complexes that are built by Damac Properties are very posh and luxuriously designed. There are many famous international designers who work for Damac Properties and have helped in ensuring that the outcome is as expected by the consumers. Hussain Sajwani has also invested heavily in the equity market and has invested in many different markets globally. If you are looking to invest in the United Arab Emirates, buying in the real estate properties developed by Damac Properties is definitely going to be helpful.

Real estate developer Hussain Sajwani believes that diversity in the workplace makes for a good environment for people to work. It allows people to learn from each other and become tolerant of each other. He has over 77 nationalities of people working for him, and he is always looking to hire only the best irrespective of their culture. Varying views at workplace allow the business owners to learn how to handle problems with different perspective. For him, it is about learning new ideas and allowing his business to flourish by adopting these ideas.

Hussain Sajwani is also known to be one of the most prominent philanthropists in the United Arab Emirates and is associated with many different charities. Even though he Recently, Hussain Sajwani donated one million AED in the king of United Arab Emirates’ fund to help poor children get proper clothing. Hussain Sajwani believes that it is necessary for the established companies to help out start-ups looking to create a name for themselves.

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