Corporate Finance Shows Firm’s Value, Money Management Abilities

Finance is an area of importance for just about everything, especially a business organization. Businesses are focused on corporate finance, which emphasizes a firm’s funding sources and its capital structure, as well as what its managers do in order to help the business become stronger and earn more profits, thereby adding to the total value of the company.

Corporate finance additionally includes the company’s worth, along with the stocks it invests in and the management of those investments. It also involves how the business earns its profits and that area can involve its strategies for things like equity in the company, and its debt financing, etc.

Corporate Finance Requires Competent Finance Specialists

When it comes to making sure a company’s corporate financial issues are kept in good shape, it requires hiring a good competent financial specialist like Brian Bonar. Bonar has worked in finance for more than three decades and has been the CEO and chairman of Trucept, Inc. ever since March 2010.

He was also elected into the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance because of his expertise and accomplishments in finance, as well as his leadership skills and academic accomplishments. Besides being in a financial position and the CEO of Trucept, Bonar has also been the President and CEO of Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc., as well as the Co-President of Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc.

Additionally, he has been the Chairman and CEO of the Amanda Co., Inc., as well as the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corp. He has also worked at the American Management Services LLC at its Founder, and the Chairman and the CEO of Warning Management Services, Inc., as well as Chairman and CEO of Solvis Group, Inc., and the Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Bezier Systems, Inc.

Plus he was at one time the Manager of Worldwide Sales at Adaptec, Inc., as well as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corp., as well as the Executive Director of Engineering at QMS, Inc.

He has an MBA and a doctorate from Staffordshire University, as well as an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde.

All in all, one can show that Brian Bonar is an experienced financial expert in corporate finance, as well as being an aid in many of the above companies. Through his degrees and work at the above companies, he has shown that it takes a financial expert to ensure that a business and its financial state is kept in shape and guided to grow and prosper. So, any company that wants to prosper and do well needs to take heed to people like Brian Bonar and acknowledge that in the world of finance, experts help to keep their companies in shape.

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