ClassDojo: A Benchmark In The Educational Technology World

Today we live in a world wherein technology plays a significant role in society. It is used as a tool to be more productive in everyday routines and activities. There are significant transformations and evolutions in the technologies used by people. One of these advancements is the transformation of mobile phones. Mobile phones were used before as a medium for communication. It was mainly used for making phone calls or sending messages. Today, mobile phones can help you become more organized and productive. It allows you to gain more communication and information around the world with just one click. This is possible through the usage of mobile applications. Mobile applications are made to cater to one’s needs may it be for work, business, leisure, personal and education.

As versatile as a mobile application can be, the real challenge is to create an application which caters to the needs per sector. In the area of education, there are many educational technologies (edtech) available in the application world, but only a few meet up to their objectives and mission to create a communication platform between the students, parents, and teachers.

There is an application in the mobile app world which creates a parent, teacher, and student communication platform. The application named ClassDojo enables teachers, parents, and students to easily share and communicate regarding the activities, progress, and other school-related issues. The application can create a positive culture of classroom and schools. It is in fact considered as a ground-up change in the tech and the mobile app world. It is used in approximately 2-3schools in every neighborhood in over 180 countries including the United States.

The application ClassDojo had been a tool in creating community awareness and empowerment to educational sector of technology. ClassDojo’s success is because of the team it is composed of. The team behind ClassDojo is made of skilled, professional and experienced people with a broad background in education. They are also experts in the world of social media and the internet.

For ClassDojo, having a “wow” factor is not enough to consider an application something relevant. The relevance of a mobile application is measured if it meets the needs of the users and as well be able to give its primary objective – communication and empowerment.

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