Chronic Pain Can Be Cured At North American Spine

Imagine getting up every day, in pain, working in pain, going home in pain, and going to sleep in pain. Not only is pain something that many live with, it’s something that many struggle with on a daily basis. Anyone who is having pain all the time, may be having what’s called chronic pain. Chronic pain can be in the neck and the back, and it makes it incredibly hard to go through a day without any pain. Sometimes, a person may move a certain way, or bend to pick up something, and the pain will become unbearable. There are some with pain so bad, that they can no longer work.

Anyone who has had pain for a long period of time, in their neck and back, should consider going to North American Spine. If surgery is required, in order to cure the pain that a patient is having, a doctor will recommend that the patient be examined, and then have the surgery performed. Surgery is something that is a last resort, but it may be necessary for those who have chronic pain. If pain has taken over the life of a patient, then it’s time to do something, other than going to a doctor and taking pain medications.

Although the pain medication may be helping to get rid of the pain, wouldn’t it be better to relieve the pain permanently? North American Spine can examine someone with chronic neck or back pain, and determine the best way to proceed forward. Many are recommended to receive the AccuraScope procedure, which is a minimally invasive surgery that takes about 45 minutes. After the surgery is performed, a patient can go home, in order to finish the healing process.

Because the healing process can be relatively short, a patient can be up and walking, very soon after having the procedure performed.  Although it’s not uncommon for some people to ignore their pain and continue living with it, a procedure can be performed, so the pain can be minimized or banished completely. When visiting North American Spine, exams are performed, as well as an MRI, and the patient will find out if they are eligible to have the AccuraScope procedure performed.

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