Christopher Cowdray, He Made Luxury His Job.

Christopher Cowdray was born in Zambia and attending school there for a most of his early education. As a young man, he did leave Zambia and settled down in New York to continue his upper education at Columbia University in New York. Mr. Cowdray’s degree was earned through the Columbia Business School’s Executive Program. Soon he was managing hotels not just in Africa but also Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the UK.
Mr. Cowdray has over thirty years of hotel experience, holding managerial positions all over the world. In the UK, Mr. Cowdray was a previous managing director at London’s Claridge.  In three years, he became the chief executive officer of the Dorchester Collection, which is owned by the Dorchester Group Ltd.
In 2008, his first year as CEO Mr. Cowdray had added the Hotel Bel-Air and the New York Palace Hotel. The New York Hotel was later sold, but new ones keep joining the group of luxury rooms and fine dining. In 2013, Mr. Cowdray was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards.
Mr. Cowdray today feels that every member of the hotel’s team must work together to allow clients to feel that pure sense of luxury. He finds that no one worker has a lesser job than those of others; rather all are critical in delivering exceptional service.
In an interview with Leaders Online in 2013, Mr. Cowdray spoke about his clients and some of the groups hopes for the future.
He doesn’t feel that luxury is the same today as it once was. The times have changed and so have our expectations. Today people tend to want friendly, happy people to interact with them. They don’t want a strict, straight and formal manner anymore. Flexibility is important in today’s definition of luxury hotels. Mr. Cowdray admits that he is picky about his choice of hotels for the group, but he states that there will be more added to the Collection. He hopes to grow into some of the markets where he already has a presence.

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