Christian Broda on the United States Dollar

In 2004, economic analysts reported that the Bank of Japan would collapse. Due to the poor decisions made internally, the bank was seen to be on the verge of collapse. It would have detrimental repercussions on the Japanese Yen. According to analysts, the bank would be no more in a period less than five years. However, some economist dismissed the news, and stated that the bank would be back on its feet in due time. According to Christian Broda, the Bank of Japan had the expertise, and potential to beat the “analysts’ curse.”
First forward to 2014, a majority of economist including US-based ones, sent controversial reports to newsrooms. In the statements, the economists find fault in the policies being made by the federal bank. In fact, they have stated that the causes of the global financial crisis are beginning to emerge. However, established economists, like Christian, have disregarded the claims noting that emerging markets are in a worse position. According to Christian, the developing countries and emerging markets are making more mistakes than the United States. The US has taken the lesson of the past, and aims and bettering its decision making. The blunders by those markets are giving the US dollar a favorable edge.
Christian Broda is a Sao Paul born economist. He does research on economic markets and international currency relations. His work is viewed with the high regard due to the constructive arguments he makes. In fact, he has been right most of the time he presents his analysis. Broda is an economics professor at the University of Chicago, and continues to work closely with other organizations. Additionally, Broda is the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management.
The fund managers, market watchers, and cutting edge economists have proposed that the government should stop looking the currency supremacy, and handle the reality of the existing public debt. To them, the war to maintain the US currency dominance is already lost. Therefore, they propose that the government focuses on more fundamental issues. Broda and fellow economist have disagreed with the idea by Chinese economist, Justin Lin, that there should be efforts to have a unanimous currency. To Justin, it is better than using a single county’s money. He continues to say that it is a measure to avoid fluctuations in the currency markets.
Broda’s work has been favorable to many organizations. In 2009, against all odds, he predicted that inflation would remain at all-time low levels in the US. In spite of the fact that other economists were disagreeing with his work, the inflation rate maintained at below five percent. Broda has continued to gain fame as an established economist and professor. His work is published in the International Journal of Economics and the American Economic Review.

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