Choosing an Online Reputation Management Service

Social media over sharing has become a detriment to small and big businesses. From bloggers, customers and scorned employees your business reputation can be tarnished within minutes. Using an online reputation management firm is a great way to get your good name back. They specialize in burying negative search results and promoting content that will only help your image. These firms don’t only handle big businesses customers can range from regular individuals who may find it hard to get a job due to say some not so flattering pictures or inappropriate content. You can decide what you want them to put out there as well. If you want to focus on your positive professional history, they can take care of that for you. A lot of executives rely on online reputation management especially if they were fired from their previous job. Anything negative that is reported on the internet can damage their future. Divorce drama you may be experiencing with your spouse can affect your employment and business reputation. While your negativity may not be erased completely if it doesn’t show up until page 6 or so on a search engine that’s success. Online management firms make sure what you want people to see will dominate your profile. Another way to always stay on top of your online reputation is by setting up a Google alert for yourself. Use social media to your advantage and only post positive things that have to do with the goal you are trying to ultimately achieve. Don’t over share anything and maximize your privacy settings on all social media accounts. If your goal is to land that dream job, keep your family off your accounts.

Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs which is a leading online reputation management firm. Fisher believes “the first page of Google search is the new first impression.” Status Labs’ goal is to help their clients grow their businesses using an effective digital marketing and public relations strategy. Headquartered in Austin Texas, since launching four years ago Darius has grown his staff and opened up offices in New York and Sao Paulo. Status Labs currently serves more than 1,500 clients in over 35 countries. It’s helped give second chances to many executives and politicians. Prior to cofounding Status Labs, Darius worked as a political consultant and copywriter.

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