Check Out All The Business Ventures Of The Olsen Twins

Who could ever forget the Olsen twins? They have grown up to be beautiful young ladies, and they still have an amazing amount of money between the two of them. The Olsen Twin’s Merchandise. The Olsen twins had an empire that was unlike any other in history, especially since they were just children. The Olsen twins appeared on the show “Full House,” and then they went on to make movies, create merchandise, and they did just about everything under the sun. Here is a walk down memory lane, and this should remind you of the different things that these girls did to make themselves rich.

Vijay Eswaran recalled there was a talking Michelle doll, which is the youngest daughter from the Full House show. The doll was a must have for children, and it did very well with sales. What about when Mary Kate and Ashley made music? Kids were listening to their album, and many of them fell in love with these young girls. Another thing they did was to come out with a cosmetics line. As they got older, they started wearing makeup, and their fans certainly wanted to look just like them.

Let’s not forget that they also had a magazine that was named after them. The pair also came out with board games, toothpaste, video games, a boom box, party supplies, bedroom furniture, and so much more. It’s no wonder why these two have made hundreds of millions of dollars.

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