Charles Koch’s Take on the U.S. Government

According to a report released on Yahoo Finance, Charles Koch thinks he is liberal, and wants to find a working relationship with the U.S. Government. Mr. Koch is considered by many as a banker and someone promoting social institutions and practices, said that he can be called ‘classical liberal’. According to him, he wants a society where there is adequate peace, tolerance and civility. Koch wants a society that doesn’t have obstacles preventing invention and opportunities among entrepreneurs and investors. His remarks were directed to the government for its excessive intervention in its operations.

Charles Koch is an entrepreneur worth about $40 billion is ranked ninth richest individual in the globe, according to Forbes ranking. He is the Chief Executive officer of Koch Industries, a company operating in oil industry and also manufacturing toilet papers that is based in Wichita, Kan. Charles is a true entrepreneur who took control of his family business in the mid-1960s when it had about $23 million in sales, to become the second-largest private organization in the United States with more than $110 billion in sales. In fact, Charles does not have three degrees, but his entrepreneurship skills and potential made him very successful. He recently donated about $90 million to help fund higher education.
Koch is recognized by many people as someone who largely criticized the U.S. Government for overstepping its mandate, is a considering a move to approach the White House, as a way of finding common grounds. Koch says that they will be doing this through reform of criminal justice and also agree on how to eliminate occupational licensing that discriminates disadvantaged persons from being employed. Furthermore, Koch wants the government to reform and supplement the education sector so that people can be educated on principles and values he learned, which enabled him to achieve great dreams that he never expected.

In the next election season, Koch wants both parties to stop overspending because it may force the country into a financial crisis. The entrepreneur pointed out that the federal government has more than $100 trillion in debt and other unfunded liabilities. Koch wants foreign policy reforms to be done in order to make American safer, which is a primary role of the government. In his opinion, Koch prefers a system where individuals can manage their lives while the government’s responsibility is to set basic rules, which does not discriminate anybody.

This info was originally published on Yahoo Finance:

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