Charles Koch Gives An Enormous $90 Million Dollars Away To Needy Southern Colleges

Charles Koch can always be relied upon as a man of great strength who stands up for what he believes in. Whether it is his beliefs in how a business should be run, or his widely publicized and sometimes controversial political beliefs, Charles Koch is a pillar of strength for many. The brilliant businessman and billionaire is current CEO of Koch industries, the second largest profiting private company in the united state, it’s valued at $100 billion dollars. Forbes named him #5 in the Forbes 400 (2015), he is listed at #29 for the Forbes list of Powerful People (2015), and is currently tied for the title for the world’s sixth-richest person.

Charles Koch has written his second book, that he coined,”Good Profit”. This interesting read reveals how entrepreneur Charles Koch applied certain basic principles and strategies that were used to take his father’s original company from the value of a mere $21 million in the 1960’s to one worth more than $100 billion today. According to Charles Koch, he made the sometimes difficult choices to take the high road and listen to his customers, as well as took advise from his employees in a time when other big corporations were known for their underhanded dealings in business. Saying that the customer always knows best Charles Koch remains focused on improving lives as well as his products. Through furthering criminal justice reform and Civil rights, Charles Koch is an avid public speaker and advocate who donates regularly to advance reform policies. Charles Koch is outspoken about making changes for the better within government and politics, but also in the treatment of employees and within business dealings.

Charles Koch is presently rising in the ranks of the worlds list of most giving of philanthropists, as he was just recently reported as bestowing an enormous amount of money to further college education. The administration of Western Carolina University located in North Carolina asked the public school’s chancellor to approve a new academic center funded by the Charles Koch Foundation, and chaired by the successful CEO. This private nonprofit headed by Charles Koch funds progressive academic programs, scholarships, professorships, conferences, lecture series and economics centers, all for the purpose of furthering advanced education. This newly gifted $90 million dollar donation makes Charles Koch among one of the highest giving philanthropists of all time. Eighty-five percent of the donations from the enormous $90 million dollar donation went to be dispersed among 147 needy Southern colleges and universities.

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