CEDC Is Leading The Charge In Newark’s Growth

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a state run development group that oversees attracting, growing and maintaining businesses in the over 20 diverse neighborhoods. Founded in 2007, the organization regrouped and 2014 to enhance economic growth. The city of Newark is the CEDC’s sole client. They also work in conjuction with the Department of Economic Development to create more opportunities for its citizens.

Flickr shows the CEDC offers a number of programs including industry focus, neighborhood development, small business development and real estate. The CEDC places a great deal of emphasis on business development. The offer standard loans, microloans and other entrepreneural services such as credit score improvement and business plan assistance.

Newly hired leader Kevin Seawright previously worked at Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement as the Managing Fiscal Officer. This position allowed Seawright to save the city several thousands of dollars by implementing a new accounting system. He offered his financial expertise at a number of government offices including the Baltimore Housing Authority, Department of Housing and Community Development and for the Department of Recreation and Parks.

While in Newark, Seawright hopes to sustain community growth, as well as increase employment opportunities and services for small business owners. Seawright is hoping that his strategic vision and willingness to achieve will be instrumental in Newark’s continue progress.

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