Julia Jackson, A True Warrior Woman

The Jackson Family Wines company celebrates Warrior Women through its charity, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. The daughter and spokesperson of the family wine company, Julia Jackson is emblematic of the very traits that the charity chooses to honor in its grants to other non-profit organizations. A graduate of Scripps College and the summer certificate program at Stanford Business School, Jackson has the educational background that has helped her to be an important part of the family business.


The Cambria Estates Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir is beloved by both critics and wine enthusiasts the world over. The 2010 vintage was even named the Wine of the Year by well-respected industry publication, Wine Enthusiast. The company has been a long-standing practitioner of sustainable winemaking methods and believes that in order to successfully continue their business, the earth and planet must be healthy. Read this article at theatlanta100.com.

Contrary to many in the area, Jackson believes that the best varietal is not the Pinot Noir, but one of the many Cabernets. To back up this claim, she suggests one try the fairly recent Vérité La Joie which is a Cabernet heavy Bourdeaux blend. She is not afraid to go against popular opinion and forge her own path. This varietal is exciting in its own right and it stands out against the norm.

Julia often cites her mother Barbara as a strong influence on her life, especially as she watched her work diligently beside her father Jess as the family was growing the Kendall-Jackson empire. Julia Jackson believes that women need not be inauthentic in order to be successful in the business world, and her charity Cambria Seeds of Empowerment has set out to honor such women. The Warrior Women that Julia honors through this charity do not feel that they must change their personalities in order to get ahead.

Rona Borre

Rona Borre is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Instant Alliance. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business from University of Arizona and is currently one of the leading female entrepreneurs in Chicago, Illinois. Her company, was founded in 2001 and is a nationally recognized, woman-owned company that manages technology and finance staffing. Rona Borre inspires a culture of passionate people and nurtures them in their transformation into effective leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Rona is deeply involved in organizations and associations within the city of Chicago. She actively shares her influence and expertise as a successful business executive with other members of the business community. She holds leadership roles on the boards of the Chicago Network, the Economic Club of Chicago, as well as, the Young Presidents Organization and The Chicago Network.  Check builtinchicago.org.

Rona Borre has been recognized for her professional excellence and has been featured by CNBC, CBS 2 Chicago, USA Today, CNN, and Crain’s Chicago. She was awarded the Influential Woman in Business by The Business Ledger and the National Association of Women Business Owners. Rona has also been recognized as the Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine.

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Rona Borre and her Magical Company Instant Alliance

Instant Alliance is a staffing and recruiting company in Chicago owned and operated by Rona Borre. Borre started the company in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo in 2001, and it has become the top staffing company in Chicago for finance and technology professionals and one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation.  Related Articles here.

Borre saw that most staffing companies are missing it when it comes to one very important factor when it comes to hiring people for other companies. Most staffing groups lack the ability to form meaningful relationships with their clients. Everything is a numbers game, and Borre wanted to change that dynamic.

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Borre and her staff spend great amounts of time with the personnel and leaders of a client company to learn more about them and to find out what kind of employee they are looking for to fit into their corporate culture and objectives. Once that information is down on paper, Borre and her group find that special person no matter what. The results are where the money is because Borre and company have only a 1% turnover rate in all the years that they have been in business.  Know more about her, click conferences.shrm.org.

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