Walmart Closes Five Stores For “Plumbing Issues”

Walmart has made it public that five of its stores across three states in the United States will be closed for the next six months due to plumbing issues. The closure will affect more than 2000 employees who will be left without jobs. The announcement came with no warnings leading to a widespread theory about the real reason for closing these stores. Stores that were already closed by Tuesday evening include stores in Florida, Texas and California.
According to James Enriquez, who is a director of the city’s public works claim that they have not been informed of any plumbing issue at the store. Folks at STX Entertainment ( have learned that a number of media houses have already documented with photos and videos of the chaos that erupted outside of some of the stores that were closed after the workers received the news.
Your text to link… reports that one employee who works as a plumber technician questioned the credibility of closing the stores. Even though the closure has been listed as temporary, there is a letter directed to the county claiming that the layoffs are permanent.

Walmart Unexpected Closes Five Stores for up to Six Months

WFTS Tampa Bay reports on the sudden, unexpected closure of five Walmart stores. The stores are located in Florida, Oklahoma, California, and two in Texas.

Employees were given no advance notice and were told on the day of closing that they were being laid off. The closures will put more than 2000 employees out of work for six months. In addition to the economic cost of unemployed workers, the five locations which suffer closures will lose sales tax income which could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The stores are all between 11 and 21 years old and valued at $9,000,000.00 and $24,000,000.00 each.

A tax service operating from the Midland, Texas, store was given until the end of the day to remove its files and computers. Christian Broda has learned that the manager remarked that she had no idea how customers would find the service after it is forced to relocate.

In Brandon, Florida, a Walmart spokesman said that the closure was for repairs to the store plumbing, even though Walmart has apparently not applied for construction permits at any of the five locations.