Bob Reina of Talk Fusion is Committed to Helping Others

This saying, “With great success comes greater responsibility,” is one of Bob Reina’s favorites, and now that Talk Fusion is one of the largest global videos communication companies, he is learning the full meaning of his words.

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, which he started in 2007. In 2004, he personally wanted to send a video to his friends and family, but couldn’t find a company that could handle it.

So, he said to himself, “I could do this,” and he got together with his tech-genius friend and developed video email, which was the first product of Talk Fusion. When he released the video, it went around the world within the first year, and Talk Fusion became a global enterprise.

Today, this video communication company has quality technology and many more features, including video newsletters, video email, video chat, live virtual meetings for personal and business, ways to monitor your company with sign up forms and analytical software. The videos have maintained the same crystal clear images because Reina keeps high-quality technology as a primary goal.

Bob Reina also lives up to his word, so he is a philanthropist who often gives to people and animals in need of help. In the Tampa Bay area, where Talk Fusion is located, he saw a need in the Humane Society and donated a record-breaking $1 million to help build a shelter. He supports an orphanage in Indonesia, sent funds to the survivors of the tsunami in Japan and the Nepal earthquake. He simply wants to give others a second chance.

So, with the success of Talk Fusion, Reina is taking on the responsibility of helping not only in his own community but around the globe. Finding a need and filling it takes a person who is dedicated to helping others by making futures brighter; he does this because it is his responsibility. Bob Reina is an excellent example of an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and you can find out more his projects on

The Business Culture at Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has taken over the investment banking industry in a huge way over a relatively small period. The offer their clients across the globe a wide range of financing and advisory services. The Madison franchise has established itself as a leader in emerging market frontiers across Africa and Asia.


The firm has had an exceptional service guided by the values of leaderships, integrity, excellence and the highest standards of professionalism across the industry. Under the stewardship of Anthony Marsala, Madison Street Capital has fostered productive client relationships. These relationships propel the firm to more business deals in emerging markets.


Madison Street Capital understands the value of every client and every business dealing. As such, every client is kept close and treated with utmost respect. At Madison, the client forms the core of operations. The company’s culture teaches employees to listen keenly, identify and understand client demands.


The customer’s goals, therefore, become the operational goals at Madison Street Capital. The company has invested heavily in its human resource base. Their employees undergo rigorous training and mentorship. Through such programs, the organization has created a culture of professionalism and excellence.


One of their in-demand services consist of business valuation and corporate advisory. This division falls under their active CEO Anthony, Marsala. Under business valuation, they perform a thorough assessment of business assets and liabilities, therefore, coming up with an accurate figure of what it’s worth. The corporate advisory functions allow the company to advise governments and multinationals on matters of investment and other business dealings.


The experts Madison Street Capital works with make use of sophisticated financial modelling tools and analytical techniques. They are lauded for taking initiative and guiding their clients through all the phases of business transactions be it financing or merging. The propelling factor behind the success of this firm has been its flexibility to deal with clients from all industries across the developed and developing economies.