Shervin Pishevar: Venture Capitalist And Investor

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar has a knack for choosing young companies to invest in. He is an Angel Investor, meaning he provides backing to new companies and has done so with over 60 startups.

In 2015 Shervin Pishevar was appointed by Barack Obama to assume a position on the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board. The J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board is in charge of overseeing several programs, such as the Fulbright Program, which chooses educators and students for a scholarship funded exchange programs. The Board consists of 12 members.

Pishevar, who received his college education the University of California Berkeley, initially planned on working in the medical field. He studied the trade in college, and even published some research in medical journals. After college, however, he decided to pursue entrepreneurship and began investing in and developing software.

He released one of the first web-based browsers in 1997 called WebOS. It was successful, and Shervin Pishevar began to focus on investing. He created Seges capital in 2001. Despite his investment work (he managed 17 accounts for Seges Capital) Pishever continued to work in technology. He founded two tech companies in 2001. One, Application Corporation, developed popular messaging software. The other, Ionside Interactive, developed software for the Pocket PC, including graphics systems and artificial intelligence.

In 2005 Pishevar gathered $12 million of investor money for Webs Inc, which had changed its name from Freewebs. These investments help to boost Webs Inc. to the top of the list of social publishing companies.

Shervin Pishevar partnered with an investment banker from Goldman Sachs named Scott Stanford in 2013. The two started a venture capital company they named Sherpa Capital. The firm invested in what would become some of the most popular companies in America, such as Airbnb and Uber. In 2014 Pishevar began to look into developing a Hyperloop for southern California.

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Successful Venture Capitalist Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an established American businessman and a successful venture capitalist. He has successfully started many companies in his career and has also assisted other businesses in finding their own path to success. Marc has made a mark in the telecommunication industry, where he has been involved with companies like Splash Media and Blue Ray Wireless. He also has investments in real estate, venture investing and offering business solutions.

Marc is the owner and founder of Timber Creek Capital, a company that specializes in nurturing budding businesses and providing them with the necessary resources, be it access to capital, office space and mentor-ship. Having started successful businesses himself, Marc has the knowledge and the right skills to pass on to other aspiring business persons. He founded the company on the foundation of the belief that a favorable working environment accounts for no less than 25% of the business’s raw materials for success.

Every business reaches a point where it requires outside investment to take the next step. That is where venture capitalists like Marc Sparks come in handy. For a venture capitalist to invest in a business, they need to be convinced about the business’s uniqueness and potential to prosper. A venture capitalist will also need to know how their money will be used to improve the business. The biggest part of the convincing process will also depend on the presentation. To get the attention of a venture capitalist like Marc Sparks, the presentation ought to be brief and to the point. Involving the whole team is also necessary.

Marc is currently in the process of writing a book titled “They Can’t Eat You.” There he details his personal journey that is characterized by both failures and successes. He aims to inspire others and to prove that anyone has the ability to succeed no matter where they come from. Marc’s story is a testament to this fact, having transformed from a C student to a successful entrepreneur.

Apart from business, Marc is also a philanthropist. He has been involved in a number of charity ventures in Dallas. They include a homeless center- Samaritan Inn and a high school magnet program- American Academy. He has also built homes to assist the homeless in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity. Marc attributes his success in business to qualities such as faith, tenacity, savvy of monetization, passion, focus and a sense of urgency.