The Discerning Eye of Art

Many successful hedge fund managers spend their riches on fancy cars, exotic homes and wild vacations. For Adam Sender, the founder of hedge fund Exis Capital Management, collecting contemporary art is his way of enjoying financial successes. For over 15 years Sender has not only become a top investment guru but also a well known art collector.

His first journey into art collecting can be traced back to the mid 1990s. With early success in the financial world came the means to buy pieces such as the 1981 “Black Sheets” work by Cindy Sherman. Sender considered that one of his first significant art purchases and it came with the hefty price tag of $100,000. His collections have been described as “rich” and “personal” ,which would explain why he didn’t buy every new up and coming star piece that became available on the market. Rather, Sender chose to have a discerning eye for artists who have had extensive and successful careers in art. Accomplished artists such as Dan Flavin, Keith Haring and Martin Kippenberger are among those in the Sender collection.

Sender has amassed such a large collection of fine art that he has been able to host his very own exhibitions. His “Home Alone” exhibit was held in one of his Miami, Florida homes during Art Basel Miami Beach. This exhibit featured 70 works from his collection that included pieces from Richard Prince, Rashid Johnson and Chris Ofili. Even his offices at Exis Capital contained some of his prized possessions. Works from Kara Walker, Ed Ruscha and John Currin were placed throughout his New York City workplace.

Last May, Sotheby’s began to auction some of the Sender collection. Approximately 400 works by 139 artists worth far more than what Sender originally invested in them will be up for sale to the highest bidder.

Eric Pulier Is Helping The Computer Sciences Corporation To Do Well

The Computer Sciences Corporation is all about their clients. They want to provide great services for those clients, and that is why they have hired many amazing people to work for them. They are constantly trying to come up with something new for their clients, and they are always trying for exceptional quality in everything that they do. The Computer Sciences Corporation is a company that cares about what it is doing and the impact that it has on the world. That is why it is so careful with each new thing that it does, and with the hiring of the people who work for it.

The CEO of the company is a man who has a lot of experience in many different areas, and who has been able to do the Computer Sciences Corporation well. Eric Pulier has smarts in technology. He knows how to help the company run well. He is a good worker for them, in addition to being an entrepreneur, philanthropist, published author, father, and public speaker. He knows how to take all of the things that he is committed to in his life and working it out so that he does not forget any of them. His children are important to them, and so he makes spending time with them a priority. His philanthropic work is important, as well, and he never forgets it. His job as the CEO for the Computer Sciences Corporation is high on his priority list, too, and he works hard to do the job there well.

The Computer Sciences Corporation cares about the things that they are doing for their clients , and it is thanks to the people that they have hired, like Eric Pulier, that they are able to do any of that. If it were not for their ambitious employees they would never be able to have succeeded in all of the ways that they have.

Qnet Asks To Be Regulated

How often is it that a business asks the government to regulate it? Typically businesses have been shy about this proposition. They seem to prefer to “self regulate” as it were, but that is not the case with Qnet. They have asked the Indian government to step in and help regulate it.

Qnet is in the business of direct market selling (sometimes known as MLM selling), and it has worried that many people seem to have the wrong idea about what they are doing. Phrases like “pyramid scheme” are being tossed around a little too lightly for Qnet’s liking. This has been the primary driver for them to ask the government to step in.

Why would a company like this care for the government to step in and regulate you may wonder? In the case of Qnet it is all about the sense of legitimacy. They often feel that they are not receiving this when they do their business under the current rules. People are simply not giving them the kind of respect that they believe the business deserves. Some are even openly hostile against their business model and the kinds of things that they do. This is unfortunate because the company believes that it is in fact doing a lot of wonderful things for their customers and for the people who believe in it.

Qnet works with its citizen vendors to provide them with a source of revenue that they can count on as well as products that they can selling. They like working with the general public and using everyday people to help sell their products. In this way, the company has converted more than a few people into buying what they are selling. It is a lovely marriage of people and products that is hard to find anywhere else.

The company points to the fact that many other regional governments in other surrounding countries have already set up governing rules for businesses such as Qnet. They want the Indian government to do the same for them. Only in this way can the company truly have the kind of respect that it deserves.

It is not every day that you see a company asking for more regulation. However, when that company relies so heavily on their reputation to do well, there is something to be said for getting some well deserved earned reputation. They believe this is the way to do it.

Vijay Eswaran: leading an Asian giant.

Commerce in Asia is growing globally. Among the leaders in the rise of this economic movement is Vijay Eswaran.Dr. Eswaran is a Malaysian-born entrepreneur, corporate executive and philanthropist. He worked in a number of successful global corporations before founding Qnet which is now the QI Group.His story is one of family values, persistence and education and a concern for the welfare and wellbeing of others. Asia has been undergoing unbelievable growth since 1945 and the independence movements as European nations granted independence.Dr.Eswaran is the son of a civil servant family and grew up in an atmosphere of service to others.He credits his father for instilling in him a sense of dedication to making the lives of others better and he has founded his career on this principle.

Qnet was the foundation of his business success in Malaysia and after some difficult times caused by forces hostile to his efforts, today’s successful QI Group is the result.QI’s flagship business is a direct selling product that enables individual entrepreneurs to sell personal care, health and beauty and travel and holiday packages as part of a large supportive network.

He has translated his philanthropic efforts into a developing educational system that will offer students educational opportunities that will make the life of the nation more productive and expand economic development through medical, entrepreneurial and social education. Now housed temporarily in corporate headquarters its planned growth will be a major factor in the immediate future of his nation.

Dr. Eswaran is an acknowledged leader in marketing, business development, philanthropy and investment in socially beneficial causes. He is a recognized motivational speaker in the global business world who speaks from a position of achievement and experience.He is an example of what altruistic family values when combined with business acumen, education, risk-taking and persistence can achieve. Check out Vijay Eswaran’s FB profile.

The Goal of Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is one of the most respected and successful lawyers in the United States. Despite Mr. Newlin’s success, Mr. Newlin has not always been a lawyer. Before ever being a lawyer, Mr. Newlin was a public servant to his community in both Florida and Indiana. Before ever thinking of becoming a lawyer, Mr. Newlin was both an EMT and a police officer.

At the early age of 18, Mr. Newlin started his career as being a public servant to his community. His first job was as an EMT (emergency medical technician). As an EMT, Mr. Newlin learned how to handle cases in a quick and effective manner that often resulted in saving another person’s life. One of the most memorable moments of this job to Mr. Newlin was being in the back of an ambulance. Mr. Newlin was in the back of an ambulance assisting the birth of a baby.

At the early age of 20, Mr. Newlin decided to pursue to the police force. Mr. Newlin became a member of the police force for the New Chicago Police Department in Indiana. As a police officer, Mr. Newlin worked many details which included auto theft, narcotics, as well as fugitive recovery. Thanks to Mr. Newlin, hundreds of dangerous fugitives were captured and put behind bars.

In only a few years of working for the Police Department, Mr. Newlin received a promotion to work for the Sheriff’s Department in Orlando, Florida. While working for this office, Mr. Newlin received many high honors as well as the promotion to become Sheriff’s Detective.

What changed Mr. Newlin’s career path was when he was working a detail in the hospital. While working in the hospital, Mr. Newlin encountered a young woman who had been in a car accident. Although the woman was fine, her unborn child did not make it through the accident. When Mr. Newlin inquired about the compensation from the insurance company, the woman replied that there would be no compensation. Instead of compensating the victim, the insurance company investigated the woman’s car to check if she was at fault or not.

This incident inspired Mr. Newlin to help those who have received accidental injuries. To do this, Mr. Newlin attended law school and gained his license to practice by 2001. In present day, Mr. Newlin has two law firms. Each law firm has dedicated employees that have the incentive to help those who have suffered a workplace injury with no compensation from the insurance companies. Currently, Mr. Newlin’s law firms have over 75 top quality employees. Thanks to Mr. Newlin and his employees, hundreds of millions of dollars have been recovered to help those who have suffered an accidental injury.

Brian Bonar: Multi-Talented Businessman And Entrepreneur

Brian Bonar knows finance. He is also an experienced entrepreneur. He has created and worked with a wide range of successful companies. Whether they need help finding funding, restructuring, starting a company, or improving their marketing, companies reach out to Bonar. He has held high level positions with companies on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. He has worked in printing, hardware and software development, imaging technology, sales, employment services, financial services, and more. His work in the UK has led to him being given the honorary title Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff.

Brian Bonar earned a BSC inform Strathclyde University in Glasgow Scotland in Mechanical Engineer. He also holds both a Master’s in Business Administration and a PhD in from Stafford University in England in International Business Development. After graduation he worked for IBM in the UK for almost 20 years. After leaving IBM he took a position as director of engineering with QMS where he managed engineers working on hardware and software development for more than 4 years. Next Bonar became Vice President Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation where he was in charge of selling printing technology worldwide.

After 4 years at Rastek, Bonar he became sales manager for Adaptec. His job entailed creating and maintaining contacts with printer manufacturers from Japan and Korea. In 1994 he founded Bezier System and became its CEO. He used the company to create a printer using SCSI technology. Bonar then worked as Vice President Sales and Marketing for itec imaging technologies and President of Allegiant Professional Business Services. He also founded AMS Outsourcing, and was CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services, and Trucept insurance products and temporary staffing services in San Diego CA simultaneously. Brian Bonar is a hard working man.

What makes Brian Bonar unique is his ability to run numerous companies at the same time, do business in places as different as Japan, the UK, the Czech Republic, and Mexico, and the wide range of skills he possesses. He has expertise in private equity, sourcing, recruiting, restructuring, turn around management, process improvement, employee relations, marketing strategy, mergers & acquisitions, and new business development. For over 30 years he has helped companies large and small to find success through his connections and his varied experiences.

But Bonar is more than just an engineer and businessman. He also cares deeply about the people and community with which he works. He gives generously of his time to several local organizations. He serves on the board of directors of numerous companies. One of the organizations he feels particularly close to is the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego. It gives him yet another great opportunity to give back to the community that has supported him.

Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran Leads E-commerce

A philanthropist at heart, Vijay Eswaran came from a family of educated people and has made his name in establishing an e-commerce business in 1998 that has grown and flowered into the QI Group, which is based in Hong Kong. A Malasian by birth, Vijay got his education in both the UK and the US, with a socio-economic degree he from the London School of Economics followed later with an MBA from the Southern Illinois University in 1986. He worked in the United States for Synaptics performing Multi Level Marketing, but only found his way into the true entrepreneur role when approached by others after his return to Asia. There he started work with the Cosway Group helping them start their business and went from there to become the main figure in his own business.

That business now does trade in a host of areas ranging from travel to corporate investments. Its business includes media, telecommunications and luxury and really accomplishes a broad range of services for its customers. How it occurred to Vijay to branch out into so many areas is anybody’s guess, but may stem from his strong entrepreneurial spirit and solid work ethic. Both had him plucking graqpes in France, working construction in Belgium and driving a cab in England before his career fully took shape.

His parents were Pushpavathy Chinnaiah and Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu. Because his father worked for the Labour Ministry Vijay travelled with his family to different parts of Malasia while growing up. His mother was a teacher, and because of the high level of education and success between his parents the expectations he had for himself included using his mind as well as his hands in choosing a path in life.

An author and a celebrated speaker, Vijay has presented his own ideas at such notable places as the World Economic Forum. His books includeIn the Sphere of Silence, published in 2005. All his written work is highly personal, and this writing completes a description of his own management beliefs and style. It mentions in detail his habit of starting each day with a period of silence. Along with this is a program he developed called “Thought of the Day” (TOD) which is interactive. One of his books is a compendium of his own work in photography, which is truly artistic. He also has a WeForum profile.

He is probably best renowned for his philanthropy. Named one of the 48 “Heroes of Philanthropy” in Forbes Asia Magazine in 2011, he has established foundations both as an arm of the QI Group and one in honor of his father. The efforts he sponsors focus on mentoring and charitable donations.

Adam Sender Shares His Art Collecting Knowledge With The World

Prominent contemporary collectors like Adam Sender, are in the game to
accumulate noteworthy art pieces to sustain through many generations.
Throughout the years, he has successfully and strategically amassed prestigious
paintings from renowned artists like Frank Benson, Mike Kelley,
Matthew Barney, Barbara Kruger, and Jim Lambie. Moreover, his
distinguished ability to acquire unique works was cultivated during
his career at Exis Capital Management Incorporation where he selected
promising equities for major hedge funds. Essentially, he used the
same discerning eye to gradually acquire premier pieces at an
extremely reasonable price. Furthermore, with an extensive collection
totaling over $100 million in value, he has guided many art collectors
in their quest for exceptional art works.

For over twenty years, Sender has successfully assisted many
individuals in selecting great pieces which would steadily increase in
value. Most art aficionados enjoy the variety of genres like
Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism as the paintings typically
define the atmosphere of their homes and offices. More prominently,
the works may also reflect the art treasure-hunters’ unique
personality or electric tastes and styles. Essentially, Sender’s
former business experience in conjunction with his art passion has
fueled his desire to accumulate many distinguished pieces. With
meticulous evaluation of each artwork, he only pursues paintings when
the artists are on the brink of stardom. This strategic purchasing
approach ensures the acquisition of affordable works which will
gradually increase manifold in value over time. Notably, his effective
collecting technique has inspired many art enthusiasts all over the
world.Adam Sender is a well known part-time art collector.

Sender and his wife Lenore are most recognized for displaying their
extensive selection of renowned works in their Miami house during the
Art Basel Miami Beach exhibition. Essentially, this prominent event
allows art connoisseurs to view a portion of their great contemporary
art holdings in the couple’s private North Miami residence. In
addition to the art exhibit, the well-organized function will also
include a brunch and evening reception for VIP individuals. The event
is also hosted other Miami collectors including Dennis and Debra
Scholl, the Rubell Family, and Martin Margulies.

Sender’s strategic business skills as well as his art passion have
greatly contributed to his unique portfolio of admirable paintings.
Moreover, he is commended for his strong desire to advise
inexperienced collectors in their great work pursuits and is often
revered by his peers as one of America’s most prominent businessmen
and art aficionados. Remarkably, Sender started acquiring works in the
late 1990s after his resignation from SAC Capital Advisors LP. Unlike
other art collectors, he strives to share his holding with the world
by participations in many events and exhibitions. In the future, he
plans to donate many of his paintings to major institutions around the

Vijay Eswaran’s Rise in Entrepreneurship

When determination is the driving factor in an individual, achieving success cannot be such a difficult thing to do. Vijay’s success story is one of the proofs that determination can really elevate you to greater heights, higher than you though you could go. However, these comes at a price which includes year of experience and patience. Eswaran (Twitter)
is a Malaysian entrepreneur whose expertise in and innovations led to the growth of his conglomerate, QNET. He is the founder and current CEO of QNET, an online based company that deals in multi marketing trade. He is a widely traveled individual and he understands the great benefits of international trade.

Being a teacher’s son, he grew under tremendous pressure to perform well in school and he never disappointed his parents. His mother was a teacher while his dad as a government official working in the ministry of labor in the Malaysian government. His father’s occupation resulted into many transfers hence forcing him and his family to move around the country to stations where his father would be dispensed to work. Nonetheless, the movement and change of towns only worked for the good of the great entrepreneur. He was learning great lessons of marketing products to people living as far as his father’s career would take him and beyond. Born in 1960, Eswaran has achieved a lot in his lifetime that he has become one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the 21st century.

Vijay is known for many good reasons including his work as philanthropist and a kind sponsor. He is the founder of RHYTHM Foundation which is the main branch of the QL Groups of Companies that deals with the conglomerate’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. In his home country, he has been kind enough to establish a charity organization which he named after his father Vijayaratnam Foundation. He has shown his love and car for humanity through his philanthropic projects by establishing community programs. He is very passionate about mentorship and in his motivational speaking functions he has been very vocal about this particular issue.

Apart from being a motivational speaker, Eswaran also doubles up as an author. He is a great manager and entrepreneur and his prowess has been sought after by many upcoming entrepreneurs. He has authored a number of books about management, and he has also been into many forums speaking and giving tips in management. For instance he has been explained his winning strategy in management giving his personal life experiences and his way of doing things. He has even developed and interactive program that give people daily inspirations and strength to go on with daily life activities. His managerial skills has helped his businesses to grow and expand through 10 different countries.

BRL Trust Financed the World Cup Stadium

When the World Cup came to Brazil last year, it was a huge event for the country. Even though they did not get the athletic outcome that they wanted – the Brazilian team lost to the German team – they still saw a massive influx of tourism, the country turned out in droves to watch the event, and it was a great honor to have the tournament held there. The company that helped to make all of that possible, by financing the stadium, was BLR Trust.

BLR Trust, written about by, is an investment company that is headquartered in Brazil. They deal with billions of dollars in investments every year, investments that are taken out all over the world. The stadium itself cost in the neighborhood of $450 million. It was a huge project to take on, but BLR Trust was not afraid to get behind it.

So, why was a new stadium needed? The World Cup was an event unlike any the country had ever seen before. It was a massive undertaking, and team had to have only the best facilities to compete. They could not cut corners, and they did not want to use older venues that may not be in top-notch condition. Everything for the World Cup had to be perfect so that the players could concentrate on nothing but the game itself.

It was also important to have a stadium that could hold the amount of people who turned up to watch. People came in from all corners of the globe, from England to the United States to Australia. The current stadiums would not have accommodated all of them. BLR Trust, written about by, did not want the World Cup to be something that people couldn’t watch just because of seating limitations, and the new stadium meant that everyone who wanted to come was able to do so.

Finally, BLR Trust was used for this project because they could set up a specific trust fund to take care of the expenses. This meant that it was not hard to make sure money was being used in the manner that was intended. The trust could be administered as needed to meet the costs. A trust fund provides accurate records of all of the ways that the money is used and given out, allowing everything to be tracked after the fact. A standard loan does not come with all of these guidelines and regulations, so a trust fund was deemed to be a better option.

As can be seen, BLR Trust is a company that is rooted in Brazil and that cares about Brazil. The company is dedicated to doing what it can to make positive advancements to benefit as many people as possible.