Airline Innovations Highlighted By Jason Hope

The airline industry has been through some tough times recently as passengers have appeared to become unhappy with the level of customer service offered to them by both budget and the higher priced airlines. Jason Hope believes many of the latest innovations in wireless, Bluetooth, and connectivity based technologies will soon become available to the wider public passing through global airports.

Jason Hope explains the best quality service will soon be offered by airlines who are currently hoping to provide new technologies that will affect every aspect of the customer experience seen at airports and during flights. Passengers will see new areas of interest in their experience that will include in seat sensors directing cabin crew on temperature and hydration levels, along with a dedicated move towards making sure the in airport experience is excellent with app’s providing directions to gates, refreshments, and other important areas.


Jason Hope has spent much of his life looking to make as many improvements and economic contributions to the state of Arizona as possible, including a high level of philanthropy that has extended across the state to provide better medical care for individuals aging at a rate that Hope believes can be slowed by the latest technologies.

In recent years, Jason Hope has looked to provide a higher level of support to the next generation of technology entrepreneurs he hopes to assist in avoiding any potential pitfalls Jason himself fell into. Having an idea and the technological know how to develop it must be coupled with the business knowledge Hope has developed to bring success to any startup.

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Jason Hope – Believing In The Power Of Technology And Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based businessman and philanthropist, who donates to many organizations and charities regularly. He also recently pledged half a million dollar to SENS Research Foundation, which works on ant-aging and finding a cure for many terminal diseases.

Jason Hope believes in giving back to the community and blessed by great wealth; he believes that it is his responsibility as well to contribute to the development of the community.

Jason Hope recently talked about the importance of the technology and how it is evolving rapidly. As a futurist, he said that the Internet of Things would replace the smart technology very soon. Jason added that the businesses would change the way they operate and it would become much easier for the organizations as well as individuals to work much more efficiently. The organizations would be able to perform better and device their risk management strategies smartly. Starting from making morning coffee to managing traffic, the Internet of Things would be integrated with all the different aspects of our lives in one way or the other in the future.

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Jason Hope explained the benefits and features of the Internet of Things by giving the example of public transportation. He added that the Internet of Things would help people know where the bus/train is, how far it is, how long it would take, and so on. It would make things easier to plan for the individuals and also encourage them to use their cars lesser. It would help save pollution, natural fuel and most of all, save time and money.

Arthur Becker: An Intelligent Tech Investor

Arthur Becker, the current Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Zinio, LLC, is a brilliant tech investor. He has decades of experience in investing tech industry, and he is a major beneficiary of the tech boom. He chooses the right companies that are heading to long-term steady growth as he mostly focuses on long-term returns and goals. His latest investments are in Madison Technologies LLC, NaviSite, iMPOWER and Zinio. He is also actively involving in the long-term growth of these companies by working with them.

Madison Technologies LLC is an Australian based manufacturer cum distributor of technology-based infrastructure and its hardware including networking, cabling, audiovisual disciplines, and networking. The firm is known for producing high-quality cables including coaxial, security, telephone, networking, data cable, etc., under the brand called Garland Cables. The penetration of telecommunication and technology deployment in the recent years are clearly pointing out Becker’s smart move.

NaviSite is a Time Warner Cable Company, is an international provider of hosting and cloud services including enterprise-class hosting, cloud-enabled hosting, services, and managed applications. It is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts and has data centers, sales offices, and network operating centers in the U.S., U.K., and India. Considering the huge demand for cloud and host services, it is another great investment by Arthur Becker. Morgan Stanley predicted that cloud services will growth at 19.4 percent CAGR for till 2019, is a clear answer for his choice.

iMPOWER is a U.K. based consulting firm who specializes in consulting charity and helping organizations. The firm specializes in health, adult social care, children’s services, and local government advisory. Considering the social issues including the difference in the quality of life is creating a lot of opportunities for the firm to work on.

Zinio is an online newsstand with more than 6,000 magazines from different publishers in digital form. It also has 33 local news stands to address the regional needs. By serving in more than 200 countries through iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows platforms, it has opened a huge market of opportunities.

Thus, all the investments of Becker are reported by to be focusing on innovation and latest trends. His deep knowledge in technology, and market and his foresightedness helps him to choose the right pick.

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