Eli Gershkovitch Brewing Genius

Canada’s got things in common with Russia especially on climate thus wheat growth as a similar activity. That’s why we here at Eli Gershkovitch have realized the potential in this wheat crop and are thus industrially fermenting it to make beer; the drink of the gods.
All the way from Vancouver to our offshore sales locations in Austria-Europe Eli Gershkovitch stands head high as the only north American beer company C.E.O quenching this summer thirsty throats. Here at Steamworks, we have all the necessary modern facilities not only to produce large scale beer sauce but quality beer to give you that tipsy feel. Since we opened Steamworks brew pub in 1995 at Gastown we as Eli Gershkovitch have grown in leaps up to our current 40000 hectolitre capacity brewery in 2013 called Steamworks craft breweries. We have markets in several Canadian provinces, USA, Italy and even in Europe. This alone should not only show the high demand for Eli Gershokovitch beer products but we challenge you to have it trickle down your taste-buds (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6457149/).
This is not novice beer for sure it’s something of a standard. Indeed for those of you who know that after a tiresome flight or drive they gotta relax with a bottle of Steamworks in their hands feel welcome comrades. Our beer is pioneer and standard for others to follow. Canadian beer is embodied in Eli Gershkovitch (Manta). Despite the presence of other brands, ours makes you realize the full potential of ‘Kanata’ in maximum exploitation of its agricultural resources not only for food consumption but luxury also, by the way, we are Canada and we gotta enjoy us. Steamworks craft breweries or Eli Gershkovitch as I call it has seen a broadening customer base over the last few years and I encourage you to join us in this wonderful journey of beer. Eli Gershkovitch is not just a lawyer or attorney based on his past but he is lager my friend; smooth cool larger I mean.

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