Stream Energy’s Green, Clean and Very Smart Plans

In 2016, Stream Energy announced a partnership with Skydrop, a smart sprinkler company. The sprinkler system was gifted to new customers signing on to Stream Energy’s Smart 30 WaterSaver Green and Clean energy plan. The project was deemed a success. Stream Energy’s Chief Products and Service Officer said the project “will optimize [customer] water usage and save [customers’] money.”

It is no surprise that going green is a money-saving endeavor. Skydrop sprinklers were introduced in Texas, a region that is no stranger to extreme weather patterns. The sprinkler’s sensors monitor shifting weather conditions and moisture. Users are able to monitor their lawn irrigation remotely, thanks to a Skydrop app, and ensure that their lawns and garden are never over-watered. This cuts down on water bills. Stream Energy and Skydrop predict a 50 percent reduction in water usage as a result of this smart technology.


Energy Economy

A Texas-based company stepping into the green and clean energy market should be a strong indicator of the shifting nature of Texas’ energy economy. Stream Energy provides customers with an innovative, Clean and Green plan that is powered by sustainable forces like wind and solar. Not only is Stream Energy taking on an innovative edge in sustainable energy but Stream Energy’s full suite of life services, from wireless to home protection, offers families a one-stop shop for smart home services. Those in favor of clean energy understand its economic benefits and potential.

Since Stream Energy is a direct selling company it makes sense that an offer to reduce water bills stands to benefit customers as well as Stream Energy’s competitive business model ( The direct sell approach is working. Stream Energy is growing rapidly, with locations serving customers from Texas to Georgia and from Pennsylvania and New York, and other areas in the Southern and Mid-Atlantic region.