Sahm Adrangi: An Accomplished Writer

Sahm Adrangi is currently a Chief Investment Officer for an organization called Carrisdale Capital Management. Mr. Adrangi is the one who started the company almost nine years ago. Sahm Adrangi used all of his own money to start the organization. Therefore, he invested a little over a million dollars to launch his own Capital Management Company.

In addition to managing his own company, Adrangi is an accomplished writer. He publishes business supplements as well as newsletters. Sahm Adrangi shares his experience as well as his insight on the stock market recovery, financial planning, incorporating a business and how to invest wisely for the future. Sahm Adrangi publishes information concerning his business ventures, speaking engagements as well as daily business activities on Twitter.

Mr. Adrangi also conducts extensive research on organizations that are accused of fraudulent activity. In addition, Mr. Adrangi publishes much of his research findings as well as his professional opinions concerning the matters at hand.

Earlier in his career Sahm Adrangi worked for Deutsche Bank. His employment with Deutsche Bank enabled Mr. Adrangi to learn about banking and financing from the ground up. Adrangi’s experiences with the bank provided the foundation for his future interest and success within the financial and banking industry. Sahm Adrangi has been a guest speaker at numerous banking conferences. In addition, he organized the Sohn Conference which turned out to be a huge success. Adrangi has been featured on the Bloomberg Network as well as MSNBC Business. Business Weekly has published several feature stories concerning Adrangi and his financial organization.

Sahn Adrangi graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor Degree in Business Finance. He was been a frequent guest speaker at Yale University. In addition, Adrangi is an honorary degree recipient from his former Yale University. The honorary degree was given to Adrangi following his speech which addressed the 2013 graduating class.