Anthony C. Constantinou’s Academic Background And Professional Life


There is nothing which is more interesting to a researcher than achieving successful results after investing a lot of time and remaining focused on a particular topic. According to various scholars, prudent selection of the resources that you plan to use and the evaluation design matters a lot in the process of making decisions related to your studies. Anthony Constantinou has made a lot of contributions to the research department that have assisted a lot of young scholars in making useful decisions that have always assured them to get positive results. Anthony Constantinou is currently a lecturer at the Queen Mary University in London. Go To This Page for additional information about Constantinou.


 Academic Background and Professional Life

Anthony joined the University of Hertfordshire in 2005 where graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science after four years. While studying his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Anthony focused on artificial intelligence. Being a determined young man, Anthony immediately enrolled for his master’s degree in the same university. While in the University, Anthony always had a passion to carry out numerous studies on artificial intelligence which is why he majored in robotics and distinction when he went back to the University of Hertfordshire to study for his Master of Science.

After graduating from Hertfordshire with his Master of Science, he also joined Queen Mary University where he got his Doctor of Philosophy, (Ph.D.) and later joined the University as the lecturer. While teaching at Queen Mary University, Anthony C. Constantinou has been able to publish a lot of books which include things to know about Bayesian Networks and another publication which has been to many football fanatics all over the world is known as “A Model Of Football Prediction Worldwide”. Apart from the numerous publications by Anthony C. Constantinou, he has also earned very many honors and awards.


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