The careers and prosperity of JHSF’s José AuriemoNeto

The prominence of JoséAuriemoNeto to a larger extent is behind his service as an executive. He is also among the outstanding Brazilian individuals. The great recognition of JHSF Participacoes SA is as a result of appearing at the top firms’ listing on connection to the real estate field. The fundamental objective of the company is to avail the resources which are the assets. It applies to the residential and the commercial ones as long as they are situated within the boundaries of Brazil. At the moment, José AuriemoNeto serves at the chairmanship post and serves at the same time as the CEO of the firm.

In consideration of the oversight connected to the ultimatum for the varied kinds of the inns, office structures, and the public launches. This is in addition to his facilitation of the offer of guidance related to the integration of the widely ranged shopping as well as retail complex. This is very similar to the famous CidadeJardim which is a complex of purchase with its base situated in Sao Paulo. Additionally, Salvador does own the Bela Vista. The other shopping centers within Manaus are the Ponta Negra and the MetrôTucuruv. This is a supplement of the two other establishments at the district of Sao Paulo which is in the process of construction as at now. It works as a gate opener towards the appreciation of the Brazilian economic market which is expanding at an incredible rate.

Before safeguarding a trust together with the Valentino that took place in 2012, the JHSF was the owner of the shopping complex, CidadeJardim.

Looking at the career, he began working at the JHSF as early as 1993. He was then a fresh graduate from the Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University. This institution of higher learning is located in Sao Paulo. In 1997, the growing administration set up the unit via establishing a parking allotment management company called Parkbem.

Following the victory alongside the termination of departmental services that occurred in 1998, he was capable of fortifying the benefits to facilitate the first duty’s modification as it facilitated the supervision of the private establishments which were successful. Click here to know more about him.


Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF

José Auriemo Neto serves as the president and Chief Executive Officer of JSHF. As the CEO and president of the company, he oversees all developments by JHSF. He is the son of Fabio Auriemo, the founder and former president of the company.

Jose Auriemo is a graduate of Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University (FAAP). His business background enabled him to be one of the best leaders that the company has had. He started working for the company in the year 1993. Then he was only 17 years but as already doing big things for the company. The same year he developed ParkBem, the company’s park development division.

Starting out at a very innovative note earned Jose Auriemo trust from the company’s executives and by the time he was 22 years, he was considered for the position of director in the year 1997. The following year, he was already being allowed the rights to develop shopping malls. His keen eye for properties that could be developed to bring in billion for the company, earned him the position of CEO. In the year 2002, he was appointed to succeed his father, who was retiring as the CEO and president of the company.

About JHSF

The company JHSF started its operations in the year 1972. The companywas founded by Brothers Jose Roberto and Fabio Auriemo, under the name JHSF. The real estate company was under the ownership of these two brothers, until the year 1990, when the company split.

When the company spit, Fabio Auriemo continued to be in charge of the company that was concerned in real estate developments. He has seen the company grow from nothing to being the first company in Brazil to concentrate in development of recurrent income projects. Today, the company boasts of being the owner of the largest shopping complex in the area. The shopping complex has residential developments, has commercial blocks and a mall. The shopping complex is projected to bring over $1 billon in income.

JHSF continues to blossom in the real estate industry and recently went into the fashion industry, signing contracts with the likes of Jimmy Choo.

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Showing Off A Sense Of Fun And Fashion At Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is a great place to take a vacation. People can take a vacation not just from their daily lives, but themselves. One of the best ways to do this is through fashion. Among the things that people are faced with in their daily lives is having to conform to the set of rules that have been placed on them by their jobs. Among the rules they have to conform to is their dress code. While most people can easily visit the closest mall, not every nearby mall has a wide variety of styles. Fortunately, for people in Brazil, Roberto Santiago has something that people can enjoy.

The mall has many fashion stores and designer retailer companies located within it. Therefore, people can look around and find their outfits. Then they can even save money with all of the low priced items they could find at some stores. They could easily find a room to change in. After that, all of the uptight vibes that they got from their jobs disappear and is replaced by the more fun and enjoyable presence that comes from picking out the right outfit. Customers get to walk around with an even greater sense of confidence.

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This is one of many advantages that people get to experience with Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. One example of a perfect day at Manaira Mall is stopping by and buying a really good outfit. Then after that going to meet with some friends or a date. One could either go to a movie, play games, or both. They could eat a good meal at the Gourmet area. Then they can relax at the lounge area.

One thing about Manaira Shopping is that it is a great place to go for all types of personalities. People that have the greatest sense of imagination are going to have the most fun of all of the customers. They could even find a photo booth to take pictures and create memories of the time they have spent at the mall. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has enough features for one to walk away as a renewed person.

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Coaching Importance On Culture Through Real Estate Maverick

This series will focus on culture and coaching and everything else that is related to performance in a working and marketing environment combined. This month sees a great discussion on the importance of coaching to your agents and the impact it will realize on the culture and the very bottom-line.

If all things in life are held constant, then there will be no debate that those who are held accountable and that they have a coach will always out produce those that do not have a coach. Through the one on one coaching, we will break down the strengths and the weakness of agent. We will as well focus on their strengths and how to build them to make them more focused to build their businesses. If anyone does many things at a time, they will usually stop working on all of them because of the frustration it brings in doing many things in a single moment.

By helping agents focus and understand fewer things in a single moment, they will ultimately achieve more. And this kind of accomplishment will drive them and make them continue to be working hard. Eventually, they will have their businesses grow faster than usual and get happier. Putting up the time aside to coach them, we have also found out that they will be more likely to help others as well. This only means that everyone is more productive than they are present.

We develop mastermind groups that have the biggest positive impact on the agents culture. –there will be twelve people every group. Each officer will be assigned an accountability partner, share your ideas in a weekly schedule especially those ideas that can make them grow their individual businesses and many other things. A manager or an owner must be present during the proceedings of the meetings and help in keeping the group on track. By giving encouragement to each other, share one another’s ideas and the challenges you face in the corporate market. At the end of the meeting, everyone will leave energized, having a positive feeling and prepared to handle any issue in their businesses. The agents will know each other better, and this will increase a better working environment.

Bringing the agents together will create an environment that every individual is motivated by each other’s success and incur a friendly kind of competition where they look at their workmates as respectable friends. This type of impact and culture will make them more willing to cheer and appreciate one another. This kind of energy will transmit through the entire office or conference room, and everyone will leave the room a changed person and a part of a great winning team.

When it comes to this kind of team building to realize a better workforce of agents, the Real Estate Mavericks as a top option. The Real Estate Mavericks creates a healthy culture with great coaching, and all officers love their company and the environment they create. When they help agents grow and create a positive working environment, the officials will be loyal and more productive in their day to day endeavor.

Career Coaching With Real Estate Mavericks.

Corporates try to reap the benefits of having a productive team around the workplace. It all starts with a robust and facilitative corporate culture. A culture that recognizes hires and nurtures talent. This culture is at best inculcated by training and coaching career employees. Human resource development strategies acknowledge the impact of coaching and mentorship.


Mentorship includes the use of specialized instruments devoted to a chosen group of laborers. These professionals operate under the tutelage of other experienced professionals from the same firm. In the real estate sector, companies have acknowledged the importance of nurturing talent.


Indeed, the industry proves challenging for new entrants. Having a mentor permits the newcomers to discover their place, pick up and work on their qualities. The mentor has numerous years of mastery and information of the business. They prepare officers to specialize in fields they feel adequately versed. The specialists distinguish and concentrate on particular sectors. Specialization brings about efficiency and productivity within the workforce.


Mentorship adds to the development of the guide, also, the mentee. The real estate agents learn in groups of twelve individuals. The guide decides the preparation technique and learning the process. As time precedes, intense obligations of cooperation and correspondence become pronounced between the trainees. The coordinated effort has been seen to help critical thinking an achievement of real estate agents.


The mentor-mentee program brings out the best in everybody. In the process, good rivalries within the trainees lead to more business and higher quality of the workforce. Under the mentorship program, the specialists figure out how to set targets and methodologies of understanding client objectives. The mentees gain values of teamwork, collaboration essential in the field.


Their levels proficiency and expertise improve with every business transaction. As a realtor, mentorship gives a stage to take your experience further. It’s the excellent chance to support the development of other talents and bestow learning. By mentoring your skills also sharpen therefore gaining clout within the industry.


One of the best mentorship programs in the business right now is the Real Estate Mavericks platform. They encourage the development of highly qualified Realtors in American. Under the great wings of experts like Greg, aspiring professionals get to listen to lectures from the best minds in the industry.


On this stage, coaches like Greg have added to the accomplishment of more than 10,000 real estate agents. Such experienced achievers receive special admiration from all around. Through this thinkers program, young professionals from around the nation receive the rare opportunity to learn in the presence of legends.


In gatherings of about seventy, the newcomers get inspiration from visitor speakers. This project has given the premise to other land organizations to take action accordingly. It goes about as a school where promising real estate agents can hone and clean their aptitudes for better risks of progress. The challenge now turns to the younger generation of industry professionals to take up their rightful place and take the industry to the next level.

Boraie Development Sees Potential In Upgrading New Brunswick

Just a few short years ago, the New Jersey real estate market was on the verge of imploding. Now, there are many reasons to believe its on the cusp of a comeback. A stagnant economy, high taxes and the aftermath of back-to-back hurricanes, put a huge load in the upwards of $30 million on the citizens of New Jersey. 

In a surprising turn of events, the federal government is cooperating with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get potential homeowners affordable down payments. Many real estate agents are finding more work than they can handle, as their phones are ringing non-stop. Other factors are contributing to more people looking for housing including real-time apps and smart technology for agents who can streamline the entire process. 

New Jersey real estate mogul Omar Boraie, owner of Boraie Development LLC., is a visionary who sees the potential of building more housing. His latest project is a high-rise luxury apartment called the Aspire. This residential unit was built in an effort to breath new life into New Brunswick, which has been deteriorating for some time.

The 73-year-old builder recounts how bad the area was several decades ago. “The area had many dilapidated units and abandoned houses,” says Boraie. While many criticized Boraie in his attempts to upgrade the area, he saw it as an opportunity to do some good. Boraie has also built two plaza towers over the years that have both commercial and residential renters. “The are is beautiful now and should bring more wealth back to town,” says Boraie. 

Although the New Jersey Shore isn’t quite back to its pre-hurricane condition, the areas are slowly getting back to its original state. As the devastated areas continue to get upgrades, more and more people will take advantage of the new and improved middle-class housing.

Best and Worst Investment Tips in 2015

The financial investment trends in 2015 looks brighter and bigger, says a top financial adviser in our country. With new saving options and expanded investment niches, you can find varied options to build a better financial future for you and your family. Here is a brief summary on this topic.

Stocks and Bonds:

Compared to the previous year, many stock prices have thrived this year. It seems the U.S.A bond index is currently generating 5.19 percent return, which is most likely to increase. Similarly, the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index generated a good total return of 10.35 percent. While a number of companies have done exceptionally well in the stock market, some companies experienced a dip in their stock prices too. Those looking for some investment options this year shouldn’t miss the stock and bond investments in 2015 and be sure to check out any investment tips from financial expert Igor Cornelsen.


Despite of all changes and dips in the real estate market last year, the price of homes and apartments looks stable this year. Investment opportunities is real estate is already expanding. However, the future will be full of surprises. If you have decided to make a real estate investment, then check for vacation homes or timeshare for better return opportunities. Buying a new home can also be a good idea this year.

Technology investments:

If you take a closer look at the strategic financial growth opportunities, then you should know the power of technology investments. With the growing need of technology, applications, and gadgets, the technology sector is growing better and bigger. That means you can expect a good return if you are looking forward for a steady and positive gain from your investments. Some of the best investment choices in this sector include buying tech stocks. As per the performance report in the last 12 months, there is about 11 percent of net gain in the technology stock market. This trend will certainly continue next year as well. Investors can choose innovative companies like Facebook or Zendesk for better return opportunities.
Worst investments:

Gold and Oil:

While most of the investment sectors are stable now with growing stock prices, oil and gold investment options are quite unstable even this year. The stock prices of oil companies are falling. Similarly, the value of the yellow metal is the lowest since 2011.

As half of the year has already passed, it is now clear about the best and worst investments that you can make in 2015. To check out more tips from Cornelsen, check out his website.

Get Help Finding A Home In New York City Real Estate

Those who have planned to move to New York City, they more than likely have found a real estate agent to help them with their move. Not everyone considers hiring a real estate agent to help them move into their perfect place, but it’s a wise decision, especially in New York City. Consider New York City like a jungle, unless you have the right guide, you’ll never be able to make your way through it. A real estate agent is the perfect guide to help you to find the best NYC apartments for sale, and Town Real Estate has the best listings in New York City.

Town Real Estate is a company that has been around for several years, and they’ve been able to help an untold amount of people to find their new place to call home. New York City has many historical places, and there are some great places to call home in the city. Places such as Soho are available for rent, but in certain cases, you have to have the right real estate agent to show you the listings. Town Real Estate has a lot of listings that are very luxurious, but they are exclusive to Town Real Estate agency.

If you’re looking to move, but you already live in New York City, it’s still a wise decision to choose Town Real Estate to help you find your next home. Whether you’re looking for a loft, a penthouse, a condo, or a house, Town Real Estate can help. You can do a lot less work on your own, especially if you choose the hire a real estate agent to work for you. It can be very difficult to look for a new place to live, especially if you have a regular work schedule.

When you hire a Town Real Estate agent, you don’t have to worry about finding your next place because the real estate agent will find it for you. You can relax, and wait for the right listings that will be brought to you personally by your real estate agent. All you need to do is tell your agent where you want to live, how much you want to spend, and they’ll be able to accommodate your needs. You can find a great place in New York City with the perfect amenities, and you’ll be able to move in the time frame that you are looking for.

Real Estate Developer Haidar Barbouti Turns Restaurateur

Being a real estate developer isn’t always about just finding which property to invest in. Haidar Barbouti has been active in the real estate industry for over 20 years now, focusing mainly on commercial real estate. In 1991, he purchased the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, Texas. Built in the 1940s, it was one of the first luxury shopping centers to open in Houston. When Mr. Barbouti took over the property, he wasn’t just satisfied with renting out as much space as possible to maximize revenue. Instead, he transformed the place so that it becomes on of the most beautiful shopping areas in the country, thus attracting numerous high-profile tenants such as Starbucks and an Apple Store.

Later, Barbouti decided to build a third story on a part of the shopping center, believing that it would be the perfect place for a new restaurant that has a large patio over the Galleria area. The problem was that he just wasn’t able to find the type of tenant he wanted. While many other developers would have simply abandoned the idea at this point and let another type of establishment move into the area, Barbouti is known for a very hands-on approach to managing his properties. Therefore, he decided that it would be time to open his own restaurant.

What is surprising is that while Haidar Barbouti has extensive experience in the real estate market, he has never worked in a restaurant before and has no formal culinary training. He stated that in his case, knowing how to make money and create great food are what helped his restaurant succeed.

Operating since 2011, Up Restaurant is Barbouti’s answer to other eating establishments in the area. When asked about “trendy” restaurants, he certainly had a very poor opinion of them. The real estate developer stated in an interview that people come to a restaurant to eat and not to see “art” on a plate. He went on to criticize some restaurants for offering tiny portions at highly inflated costs, saying that one’s grandmother knows how to cook better than some of these chefs.

At Up Restaurant in Houston, it’s not about the latest fads of organic, fair-trade certified or locally sourced produced. Their mission is to provide clients with good food, with a large menu that was personally put together by the owner. You will find pizzas, Caesar salads, fish, filet mignon, beef, seafood, pasta and various desserts.

Leasing Losses

TO Buy or Not to Buy? That is the Question!

Many people move to New York with the expectation that they will find a place to lease for a couple of years before biting the bullet and buying a place. However, this could be a bad move if you plan on staying in the city for many years to come. A lease can be broken at any time, and you are not responsible for any serious damage you did not cause. However, you are washing away precious savings each month to pay for a lace you will never be in permanently. This is why buying might be the better option.

For example, buying a home is an investment that is worth making if you want to see a return on your money. If you ever decide to sell, then you can get a nice chunk back because real estate prices in New York are always high and always climbing. Why not put money into something that might actually make you a profit one day? Buying an apartment can also be a rental property if you ever decide to move to a bigger place. You can use the income from that property to live off of in the new place. It is a win-win situation if you figure out long term expenses.

A New Lease on Life
As you can see, buying a place is by far the better option when it comes to your big move to New York. It will save you money in the long run even if it ends up costing you money up front. Just think about the nice profit you will make once you decide to sell! If you need help figuring out where to start looking for properties, then hire a professional real estate group.

TOWN Real Estate is a prime realtor to use if you need a new rental or investment property. Town’s hard working staff knows the ins and out of the NYC luxury real estate world, and they are the perfect choice for anyone moving to the city for the first time.