Darius Fisher’s is One of the Lauded Innovation 50

Darius Fisher has helped a lot of people whose good names have been smeared online. His hard work running a reputation management firm has received some attention from industry insiders and the attention is well-deserved. Fisher name appears on PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list, a prestigious list to be sure.

PRWeek is one of the top publications in the public relations and marketing industry. The list highlights those persons who have proven their digital marketing skills to be highly innovative. A cursory look at Fisher’s work in reputation management reveals the word “innovative” only scratches the proverbial surface. He has taken digital marketing out of its traditional role of advertising products and services and expanded things. Digital marketing now is associated with personal branding and crisis management. Of course, reputation management repair work also has marketing benefits and this is why entrepreneurs and executives take the process seriously.

Fixing a harmed online reputation is something that should be done without delay. In the modern landscape of the internet, search engines and social media create perceptions about people. No one is perfect and, sometimes, things occur that do damage to an individual’s reputation. While speaking at the Impact 15 convention in Las Vegas, Fisher was quick to point out that the days of bad press in the newspaper have changed. Bad reports don’t end up forgotten soon after they are released. The internet keeps them alive in the search engine results. Unless someone takes very definitive steps to fix a damaged reputation, then the bad PR is not going to go away. It might even stalk someone for years and years.

Fisher has tapped into his knowledge about marketing, public relations, and copywriting and developed numerous ways to reverse the impact of negativity. He founded the company Status Labs and provides scores of services designed to address and reverse a disastrous situation.

Status Labs provides such a valuable service, people come from all over the world to sign up as clients. 35 countries in total are listed as having been served by Fisher’s outstanding company. That number is sure to grow and so is the total number of clients, a number that tops out at 1,500 right now. The publicity generated by Fisher’s name being placed on the Innovation 50 list may even draw in scores of more clients.

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PR Firm Grows To Unprecedented Heights

On December 30th, 2015, Status Lab’s president and co-founder Darius Fisher announced that the company’s total revenue in 2015 increased 39 percent from 2014 and 939 percent since their launch in 2012. This internationally-based online reputation management firm attributes their profound growth to a group of employees who are continually developing a dynamic digital marketing strategy that focuses on acquiring thousands of clients.

Throughout the years, Status Lab’s goal is to equip their team of experts with advanced communication tools to deliver the best digital marketing services in the industry. Therefore, the uniqueness of the business lies in their ability to solve any problem that is presented to the employees.

In an article composed by PRNewire, Darius Fisher relayed to the public that Status Labs offers solutions such as advertising on social media platforms, managing online reputation management, or implementing an effective public relations campaign to a variety of professionals including athletes, politicians, executives, and Fortune 500 companies. The company’s extensive collection of services ensures superb client retention. Remarkably, Status Labs has just obtained over 160 clients from industries like fashion, business, healthcare, and philanthropy.

In order to adhere to the growing demand of online digital communications services, Status Labs has increased their workforce by 12 percent this year. The company will continue to hire talented experts who will serve in the Texas and New York offices.
According to Darius Fisher, Status Labs is well-equipped to tackle any future challenges as 2015 was one of the best years yet. The success of the firm is directly influenced by the extremely skilled team of employees who maintain passion and commitment throughout projects.

About Status Labs
Status Labs is one of the best online reputation management companies with offices in Sao Paulo, New York, and Texas. Serving over 1,500 clients in approximately 35 countries, this prestigious firm is the preferred choice for digital communications services.

About Darius Fisher
Darius Fisher is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and currently serves as the co-founder and president of Status Labs. He has previously worked as a copywriter and political consultant.