Securus Technologies Have a Huge List of Loyal Customers

One of the biggest names in the world of inmate communications today is that of Securus Technologies. The company has contributed immensely to the field and continues to contribute to the advancement that the sector is noticing. It is primarily because the company has a vision for the correctional industry and is deeply involved in research and development. As per the recent announcement made by the management of Securus Technologies, it has spent well over $600 million in the last few years on bettering its existing services as well as inventing and researching on new products and services that it can introduce to the correctional industry.


The company has clarity on how to retain its dominant position in the industry, and that is through research and development. Securus Technologies knows that it has to provide products and services that are better than what is offered by the competitors. Securus Technologies started its operations in the year 1986 and since then has grown successfully to become one of the most prominent names in the correctional sphere. It serves over a million inmates currently, and its investigative services reach out to over 2,400 law enforcement agencies across the country, and even in Canada and the District of Columbia. In the years to come, Securus Technologies expects to reach out to many other regions where it doesn’t have strong or no presence at the moment.


The correctional industry is growing at a rapid pace today as more and more companies enter this overcrowded market. Securus Technologies knows how to hold on to its leadership position firmly, and it has been doing so for nearly three decades. Customers like myself who have been using the company’s inmate communication services for last four years are highly satisfied and would support the company in all its endeavors.


Securus Technologies Is a Convenient Form of Communication For Both Inmates and Their Visitors

Securus Technologies is offering a myriad of opportunities for both inmates and their visitors. It is allowing both inmates and visitors to keep in touch with one another via methods of videoconferencing in which the visitor(s) can essentially speak to the inmate who is currently in confinement from their own living room if that is what they wish. It is important for both inmates and visitors to know that the technology is not being offered in every correctional facility yet, thus, encouraging people to make requests to their local courts that they implement it into the communications systems of the correctional facility the inmate who they may want to contact is confined in.

Securus Technologies is not like your typical video conferencing system. Both the visitor(s) and inmate should be aware that law enforcement is capable of monitoring the sessions that take place within the communications, thus, making it a good enough reason for both the inmates and the visitors to not only avoid speaking about any matters that would be considered as being illegal, but also engaging in them altogether. This will make things easier for both law enforcement officials, as they will not be required to go through lengthy processes of court proceedings, and both the inmates and the visitors.

Securus Technologies is a form of communication that is enabling both visitors and inmates to conduct their communication sessions during times that are most convenient for them, therefore, it is highly recommended for them to utilize this form of visitation than having an appointment set for a physical one. Why not contact a customer service representative of Securus Technologies to inquire about any details that may not have been provided for you in this particular selection or their website? It is safe to say that any inmate or visitor should be happy to use the form of visitation that Securus Technologies provides.

Securus wins spot among Stevie Awards finalists

Prison communications leader, Securus Technologies, has recently made it to the final three slots of the Stevie Awards. This means that, even if they don’t take top prize, they’re guaranteed at least a Bronze Award. With over 1,000 companies vying for the coveted final three spots, Securus has beat out tough competition to take its place among those few U.S. companies recognized as the absolute best in customer service and product excellence.

Securus makes its customers money

Securus is one of the few companies that can actually claim to be able to make many of its customers money. Prisons that have installed its VoIP telephony system, including the video visitation capability, have seen their revenues spike through the roof. This is because most prisons are able to take a small cut from the price of each outgoing call that is made. The enormous popularity of this service among inmates has seen prisons make tens of thousands of additional dollars per year, just from the video visitation system.

But apart from money, there are numerous other compelling benefits of adopting video visitation and VoIP telephone systems generally for prisons. The gigantic reductions in cost of VoIP versus public switched telephone networks are truly staggering. This drastically lowered cost can be passed on to the inmates placing the calls, allowing for those who would otherwise have gone years without speaking to family to rekindle and keep going those relationships from the outside world which give so much meaning to their lives.

Many studies have shown that prisoners who are able to stay in regular contact with those who formed part of their lives on the outside are far less likely to cause problems and violate rules. This, in turn, makes for an overall safer prison environment for everyone, including those charged with running it.