End Citizens United Prepping For 2018 Midterm Elections

End Citizens United is a political action committee organization that has been pushing back against the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United. They raise grassroots donations for candidates who want to do away with special interest corporate money controlling politicians.

They are located in the government heart of the country in Washington, D.C. They have raised a good number of grassroots donations so far this year with $4 million raised in just the first few months of 2018. The End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller announced that they are projecting to raise $35 million for the 2018 midterm elections. This is an impressive figure based upon the fact that $14 is the average contribution amount that End Citizens United receives from the organization’s donors.

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The Big Money 20 is a list of politicians controlled by special interest money from drug companies, oil companies, Wall Street, and other corporate donors. End Citizens United created this list to focus their donation efforts for the 2018 midterms to challengers of these candidates to remove them from office. To combat the Big Money 20 End Citizens United has endorsed candidates to come up against them in the midterm elections. The recent candidate they have endorsed for a Senate seat is Gary Trauner for Wyoming. They have also recently endorsed Beto O’Rourke, Krysten Sinema, and Jacky Rosen for the 2018 midterm elections. A full list of candidates they have endorsed for the 2018 midterm elections is available on their website.

Their goal to remove the Big Money 20 list from political office is a straightforward one. But it is not an easy undertaking. The more candidates they help elect to public office though, the more likelihood that the organization and their mission will get more attention from the public. Many of the public would like to remove bought off candidates from the government. Their goal may seem difficult, but it is a mission that rings true for many across the nation. The 2018 midterms is hopeful for the organization to get progress with their mission.

End Citizens United BackingConor Lamb to Dethrone Republican Tim Murphy

The elections need to be fair and transparent for the right political candidate to win and for the population to trust the government. These days it is seen that the political candidates who are supported by wealthy individuals and corporations are winning the elections while the ones that have no corporate backing fail to impress the population or win the elections. The elections are becoming glamorous affairs where millions of dollars are spent in the United States to woo the voters and the amount of money being spent on elections continues to increase with every passing day.

The Supreme Court gave a verdict in 2010 in the case of FEC and Citizens United that gave individuals as well as corporations the freedom to spend an unlimited amount of money in the elections. It said that any entity could spend their money as they wish to support the political party or candidate of their choice. End Citizen United is a nationalist PAC that was created by Tiffany Mueller in the year 2015 with the aim to overturn the campaign finance rules. She believes for the elections to be fair and neutral in the country, the campaign finance rules needs to be reformed. It is how the honest and just political candidates would be elected without the manipulation that is done by the large-scale corporations with their money.

The End Citizens United aims to do their part by backing the political candidates who are for the reform of the campaign finance rules. The PAC collects money from the common people across the country and uses the money they raise to support the political candidates of their choices. It helps the honest politicians who don’t have the backing of the large-scale corporations get the necessary funds to fight against the massively funded politicians. Each year End Citizens United announces the list of politicians they back, and this year one of the politicians who is running for the 18th Congressional District in the Special Elections is Conor Lamb.

Conor Lamb is a Democrat who is standing in the special elections against the Republican Rick Saccone. The fact that controversies have surrounded Rick Saccone would be helping Conor Lamb in the polls. Moreover, the track record of Rick Saccone has been questionable as even after being an anti-abortion activist; he asked his mistress to abort his child. The End Citizens United has announced that it would be supporting Conor Lamb in the elections but so far has not yet come out with the exact figure of how many funds they would be channeling in funding his election campaign. The support provided by EUC can be constructive for the 33-year-old Conor Lamb, who has been gaining massive support from the masses in the region and more