Jordan Lindsey And His Company Helps Small Business Owners

Jordan Lindsey is JCL Capital’s founder and the company helps small business owners gain access to capital. In today’s financial markets, it’s good that JCL helps small companies. Speaking of financial markets, let’s discuss the current Forex trend before talking more about Jordan Lindsey.

The Current Forex Trend

The best way to describe the current state of the Forex Market is it’s in a wait-and-see mode. Forex markets have been showing unease ever since the end of March and leading into the first week of April. However, things may start looking up because there appears to be optimism among central banks around the world.

For example, Pakistan is set to receive over $2 billion from the International Islamic Finance Corp., so it can finance external trade. It is also going to receive over $280 billion for fuel purchases from international markets. Not only that, but Forex dealers and senior bankers received informal messages from the State Bank of Pakistan in regards of funding coming in.

These are only a few reasons for the optimism among Forex dealers and central bankers.

About Jordan Lindsey

He is the founder and the CEO of JCL Capital. Jordan spent his childhood in New York and as a kid he loved to compete in sports. Since a young age, he had businessman and he always knew he wanted to grow up to create something that would change the world. Eventually he moved from New York and went to San Francisco because he found the people there encouraged each other to share ideas and to create things.

Fast forward to present day, he is a highly experienced algo trader. He possesses a tremendous amount of experience in the tech industry and in the financial services industry. Jordan has also taught himself how to program and he is a self-taught systems architecture designer.

As for education, he studied at St. Joseph’s College and at Mount Angel Seminary. While he was in Bosnia volunteering, he met his wife. He has been with her for many years and they have three children together.

You can visit JCL Capital’s website if you want to find out more about what the company does, as well as more information about Jordan Lindsey.

Greg Secker; a Real Master Trader

Greg Secker’s ability to successfully delve into many sectors amazes many people. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, a true philanthropist, and an international speaker. Above all these titles, Greg Secker adds that he is a proud father. Secker is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group, which he launched in 2003. The company comprises of others such as Learn to Trade, a prestigious international trading education enterprise having their offices in Johannesburg, London, Sydney, and Manila. Most importantly, Mr. Secker runs these organizations to impact other people’s lives through supporting them, coaching, and education. Secker has always been committed to making a difference, something that has, on several occasions, worn him excellence awards.

Greg Was Born to Inspire

Mr. Greg was born in 1975 and has only known success since he started endeavoring in entrepreneurial initiatives. To your surprise, Greg was already a multimillionaire in his twenties. The English businessman is mostly a forex exchange mogul who is always updated about the market trends. Apart from that, Greg Secker is kind and delights in enlightening others. It is for this reason that he has written books that educate people on various market tips. Greg also moves across several countries where he addresses large audiences on relevant issues relating to his profession. He has shared podiums with prominent investors where he gets applauded for his eloquence and knowledge of the subject. Simply put, Greg Secker is a talented investor with an incredible professional profile.

Understand Greg’s Career History

Greg started off at Thomas Cook Financial services, where he served diligently before moving to foreign exchange. When started with forex trade, Greg Secker sought to do something unique. It was here that he utilized his technological skills and developed Virtual Trading Desk™, a real-time online platform meant to ease the forex trade transactions. His career kept on growing, and he joined Mellon Financial Corporation, where he served as the vice president. As he carried on with his duties, Greg kept working around some of the world’s best traders, something that contributed to the growth of his account. Over time, he had to quit Mellon Financial Corporation, and that was when he started a trading platform from his home, which is now called Learn to Trade.