George Soros – Highly Influential and Resourceful Political Figure in the United States

George Soros is one of the leading political contributors to the political campaign of Democratic Party, and in the 2016 Presidential election provided funds in excess of $25 million to support the Clinton campaign. In the recent years before the 2016 election, George Soros has pulled back from providing political funding owing to the huge loss he suffered in order to defeat George Bush presidency, but in 2016, he came back and how. However, even after all the efforts made by George Soros and his team, Hillary Clinton couldn’t win the elections against the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

George Soros has lived a remarkable life and has witnessed some of the historic world events. He has not only survived the Nazi Holocaust in Budapest, Hungary but also survived both the World Wars. It is what has helped him gain the political insight he uses today in championing the causes he feels are needed in today’s world to craft a better tomorrow. George Soros has lived on Democratic ideals all his life and continues to support the Democratic leaders in their political campaigns in various districts across the country. George Soros feared that Trump’s victory proves to be a roadblock in bringing the social reforms he wants to implement in the country, including the justice reforms and restricting the racial disparity. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

However, even at the age of 86, George Soros continues to fight his war with all the resources he has accumulated over the years and with the network of influential Democrats who collectively have the power to push the reforms in the country for the betterment of the people of the United States. One of the factors that make him one of the greatest figures of the era is his enormous philanthropic contributions. Over the years, George Soros has donated close to $12 Billion towards various social welfare causes, charitable organizations, projects, and other reforms. It has helped in ways more than one to improve the society as we know it and millions of underprivileged people are helped through these efforts made by George Soros. His Foundation, Open Society Foundation, is one of the most powerful, wealthy, and well-networked philanthropic and social reform organizations in the world and donates to hundreds of charities in various capacities on a regular basis.

The Open Society Foundation has a network in over 100 countries globally, and the efforts of the foundation have empowered many local communities as well. George Soros was born in Hungary, but after the invasion of Nazis, he fled the country along with his family and moved to London. In London, he attended London School of Economics, where he graduated in Economics. However, after doing a job in a local bank for a while in England, he shifted to the United States to try his luck in the world’s major financial district, Wall Street. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros is the chairman of the Soros Fund Management, which continues to be the market leader in the hedge funding business and has over $30 billion in asset under management. Under his leadership, the company continues to provide consistent returns to the investors and amass huge profits that fund the various social efforts George Soros venture in.

Sam Tabar- A Name You Might Not Know. . .Yet

Sam Tabar has been named as the COO of FullCycle Inc. As acting COO- chief operating officer, he is in charge of the fund management strategies of the FullCycle company. He will partner with a number of other leaders who set out to deliver a method to cut back on the costs associated with polluting fuels and how they are used to lower the cost of transforming the fuels into a more environmental friendly fuel.

Sam Tabar has spent much of his personal careers helping budgets stay budget friendly in aiding many financial institutions. Once named as the head of the capital strategy for the Merrill Lynch company, Bank of America. He was named as one of their financial advisors and with this role, he met with people who needed tools to help fund accounts. Some of the accounts he was in charge of included endowments, pensions and even some of the family offices. He stood at the front of the operations department and helped led the path to the front and back offices where teams worked together to help with the funding. Sam worked with a number of independent marketers in the Asia Pacific region and with his work within the Sparx Group, he became a leader in global marketing.

In his numerous endeavors, he worked in an attorney office for Schulte, Roth and Zabel. He earned his masters degree from a top notch school, Columbia Law School and also obtained a bachelor degree in arts from Oxford University. When he graduated from Oxford, he earned his honors. He also worked on the Columbia Business Law Journal as an editor. He still currently holds the right to practice with his New York State Bar rights.

One of the earliest investors in Tribute as well as in SheThinx, Sam Tabar has helped many in the path of reinventing the feminine hygiene industry. He has helped many with gaining their rights in empowering women from around the world. He has helped many gain their right to be amongst some of the highest paid positions in various companies. For some, you might not know the name, but many will have at least heard of a business he has worked with or is associated with.