OSI Group Grows Globally as a Top Food Processor

OSI Group is marching across the globe as one of the premier food processors with an extraordinary range of capabilities. Their rise to prominence is a compelling story as they began more than 100 years ago as a corner butcher shop. It also encompasses interesting aspects of America’s amazing growth trajectory during the twentieth century. The journey a small family owned shop took to become an ultra-modern global corporation was accomplished over the course of decades and is still being written.

The rich tradition of immigration in America was the foundation of what would become OSI Group. Otto Kolschowsky emigrated from Germany to find a place in the land of opportunity and settled in Chicago. It was there in 1909 that he opened his corner butcher shop and meat market. The business did well and he enjoyed serving local citizens in the nearby neighborhoods.

The first opportunity for expansion was undertaken when Kolschowsky entered the wholesale meat trade. This happened near the end of the first World War and was indicative of his mindset of building the best business possible. Otto & Sons became their name when Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky began to manage the business alongside their father.

A fortuitous encounter with an icon of American business happened in 1955 and led to an era of continual expansion. Ray Kroc of McDonald’s selected Otto & Sons to be his meat supplier to the first franchise location in Des Plaines, Illinois. With this handshake agreement, both small, family-owned businesses were on the cusp of extraordinary growth.

The relationship has stood the test of time as both companies prospered into something special. Today, this key partnership is still very important to what would become OSI Group. In 1973 the company built an entire plant to satisfy the demand of McDonald’s and they became one of only four suppliers for them.

Sheldon Lavin was a skilled banker and investor who had close ties to Otto & Sons. In 1975 he became a partner who helped them expand into international markets. That same year they changed their name from Otto & Sons to OSI Group to reflect this new direction. Furthermore, Lavin acquired the company when the sons reached retirement age. The growth patterns of the company have reflected Lavin’s vision and skilled use of finances. They have successfully expanded into Europe and Asia among many other places. Their capabilities are among the world’s most advanced food companies and include production and culinary creation and more

The Key to OSI Group’s growth is to buy and build

A lot of restaurants and markets owe their continued success to OSI group. OSI group is a Chicago, Illinois based food processing and distributing company. OSI acts as a holding company for meat processors, and a lot of food companies such as restaurants, retail markets and meat wholesalers will do business with and through OSI Group.

OSI Group increases the value of its business through the acquisitions and joint ventures it engages in. A good example of a recent acquisition on their part is the recent purchase of the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, acquired for a final price of 7.4 million dollars. OSI Group had also recently acquired a Dutch food company known as Baho Food that specializes in snacks and convenience store food. On top of that, OSI is reinvesting in its current properties. A good example is when they doubled the size, and therefore productivity, of their chicken processing factory in Toledo, Spain. This expansion also allowed them to process other meats for a total of a 45000 ton meat processing capacity. This is a normal strategy for this company; expansion followed by introductions of new products.

OSI Group approaches all of its business with the goal of creating products for their customers that not only taste how the client wants it, but is also packaged and designed according to the specifications of the client. OSI brings in their in house culinary and research teams to help the client design meals and food items, with special attention paid to any preferences that the client is trying to capture. Options including both vegan and vegetarian meals can be designed as well, because the teams employed by OSI stay on top of the most recent changes in the medical research that instructs what new foods have become carginogenic, or have established any other new health risk.

Ever since the year 1909, OSI Group has dedicated itself to being a food supplier. OSI Group has been seeing constant growth ever since it became a meat supplier to McDonald’s when it first started in the 1950s. Now it makes menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for many other large names in the food retail industry.


OSI Group Continues On Its Growth Trajectory with the Purchase of Tyson Foods

OSI Group remains one of America’s leading food value addition companies. In yet another move that seems strategic to raising the stakes in the industry and propelling OSI to the top of the range, OSI group purchased the food processing plant that was owned by Tyson Foods. The purchase adds to a long list of investments that the group has made in the recent past. The company says that the Tyson plant will help to boost its capacity in the region. The Plant is located near one of OSI Foods’ outlet in Chicago. OSI purchased the Tyson Foods warehouse in 2016. It covers an area of approximately 20, 000 square feet.

So What Does OSI Do?

OSIGroup offers custom food solutions to clients in the food industry. It has clients across the globe. The company supplies custom foods to independent food outlets in the US, Europe, and several other places. It has outlets in over 17 countries. The company has a tight hold on the food supply chain right from suppliers to the outlet counter where the client buys the food from. It stands out as one of the most experienced food supply and values addition companies with experience in supply chain management. It has over 65 outlets spread out in different countries across the globe. It states, on its website, that it is an equal opportunity employer with a keen eye for talent. It has over 20,000 employees spread across the 17 countries where it operates. OSI Foods specializes in a wide range of meat products but has also included more food varieties on its menu to accommodate the taste and preferences of clients in the various regions it operates.


OSI Group has also made inroads into other regions including Spain. The company has put up a 17 million Euros chicken processing plant in Toledo Spain. It says that the demand for chicken in the region had exceeded its production capacity. The Toledo Plant has boosted its production muscle to 45, 000 tones. The company believes that the new plant will help it to meet the needs of the market in Spain. In another Development OSI also recently acquired Flagship Europe to add to its portfolio. With the increasing global presence, OSI is projected to lead the food processing niche with a commanding market presence. OSI Group was awarded the Globe of Honor by the UK authorities in 2015. It had been accorded the 5-stars following the management audit award conducted earlier that year.

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Basic Information about OSI Group


OSI Group is a holding enterprise that is privately owned, and its head office is located in Aurora, Illinois. The company supplies custom-value-added food products to leading food service and retail food brands across the world. Meat processing is the company’s major specialty, and that is why it is known for supplying meat products like; bacon, hot dogs, pizza, meat patties, fish, and poultry. OSI has vast experience when it comes to developing custom food products as well as global food supply chain management. The company has over 65 facilities that are spread across 17 countries. The company has the necessary resources and capacity to achieve its mission of offering quality custom food solutions to its customers. For instance, OSI has a workforce of more than 20,000 employees that work in its facilities across the world. OSI Group Acquires UK’s Flagship Europe.

OSI has over the years demonstrated a commitment to offering exceptional culinary skills, global flavor knowledge, quality custom food solutions, efficient supply chain expertise, quality assurance, sustainability, adherence to customer specifications and food safety practices. In order to guarantee food safety, the company observes critical safety measures such as the use of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems and attaining the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification. The company is able to meet customer expectations through the adoption of innovative quality procedures and latest technologies.

2016 Globe of Honor Award

In 2016, OSI Group won the 7th edition of the Globe of Honor award by the British Safety Council. The award is normally given to organizations that demonstrate exceptional strategies when it comes to environmental risk management. The main objective of this award is to celebrate exemplary performance in health, environmental, and safety management. Organizations that have sustainable workplaces in terms of commitment to health and safety are prospective candidates for this award.

Purchase of Baho Food

OSI Group purchased Baho Food in 2016 in order to expand its operations in Europe. Baho Food is a food processing company based in Netherlands and is known to produce convenience foods like deli meats and snacks. The major segments that are served by this company include food service and retail service.

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