Upwork makes Finding Jobs Easy For Freelancers and digital Nomads

The New Gig Economy

Working as a freelancer is not a new idea. For many years journalists and magazine writers worked as freelancers though finding jobs was difficult. Added to the difficulty of finding paying jobs freelance journalists and magazine writers also didn’t have the added benefit of health insurance. Many years later and work as a freelancer is rising creating the gig economy. With the use of the internet, freelancers can live anywhere and obtain a job or gigs.

Upwork Marketplace

There are many jobs that freelancers can find work in. Some freelancers drive cars for companies like Uber or Lift. While other freelancers find work in their area through the use of a company called TaskRabbit. Internet company Upwork has created a platform for freelancers to find gigs. Upwork is a marketplace for clients to post jobs and find freelancers in the field of accounting, graphic design, web design, and writing. The freelancers bid on the jobs, and the clients choose the freelancer that fits their needs.

Starting Out as a Freelancer

Finding jobs as a new freelancer is very difficult, but Upwork makes it easy for clients and freelancers to connect. Student’s, new college graduates, and retired people are attracted to the flexible hours and work from home. The jobs posted on Upwork are for different levels of skills: entry-level, intermediate, or expert and freelancers can apply for gigs according to the level of expertise. Upwork makes communication between clients and freelancers easy through the use of email, text, Skype, and offers live chat customer support.

Remote Workers

One of the factors that attract many people to work as a freelancer is the ability to work in any location. There are a lot of freelancersbb  who work from home, and many may do so in their pyjamas, but there are also a lot of freelancers who work at their local coffee shop, the library, the airport, or the train. Many freelancers aren’t bound to stay in one location to find work and take the opportunity to travel. Some freelancers are frequently on the move, and other freelancers live in a different country for a month or three before moving to another country. These type of freelancer have come to be known as digital nomads.