Quincy, Is the rate of crime growing in this once peaceful city?

Quincy is a growing city in the state of Massachusetts, U.S. According to 2010, United States census, the total people living in the city was 92,271. It is now the ninth largest city in the state. The city is an important southern hub for the metropolitan Boston. Quincy is the birthplace of two American Presidents namely John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams.


In 1792, the town of Quincy came into being after splitting from Braintree. The town was named after Colonel Joh Quincy, maternal grandfather of Abigal Adams, wife of the U.S. President John Adams. The city of Quincy has a rich patriotic history and people love to live in this growing suburb of Boston. All the major events happening in Boston can be attended by the citizens in Quincy with just one train ride. Many people love to settle in Quincy as unlike the city of Boston; it is great to have your house with a backyard, parking place and garden. Apart from that, the long 22 miles of coastline is excellent for boating and relaxing. The Blue Hills of Quincy is a great place for jogging in the morning, fresh air.


According to the U.S. Government statistics, Quincy has a Crime Index of 37 which means that it is relatively safer than 37 % of the cities in the U.S. However, with the increasing population, the crime rate has been increasing in the growing town of Quincy.

Amongst the notable crimes, the pizza robbery that took place on May 7, 2013, cannot be forgotten. The robbery happened at 9:30 pm at Quincy Circle in the Dayton Circle, South Brunswick. The victim was charged by an armed man to give his money as well as pizza. With this incident, armed robberies seem to be quite increasing in the city. Page Wood, 21 and Justina Hampton, 19 of North Brunswick were arrested in connection with this robbery. They also were found to be connected with other armed robberies that occurred in the past.


Apart from armed robbery, rampant shooting has also been seen in the town. On October 7, 2015, at about 9:30 pm, a shooting was heard in the New Brunswick Apartments leading to an innocent man getting injured. The Apartment is owned by a company based in North Quincy. The suspect was a man wearing a hoodie. North Brunswick Police Department is still investigating about the hooded man.


Tax Fraud Needs Better Compliance Management

Compliance officials wear a variety of different hats, however one that is especially important is that of tax specialist. That’s right: Tax Day challenges companies to assess their annual income and expenditures. This isn’t a one man task. Honest filers and fraudsters alike know that the IRS struggle to stay on top of potential fraud while assessing the contents of many an honest return. This is largely due to taxpayer identity theft.

This type of white collar crime exploded between 2010 and 2012, although the IRS reports that it is currently growing. How is the IRS trying to keep up with the new tricks of the multi-billion fraudulent trade? Heavily monitoring past stolen identities that have forged tax returns in the past to learn about what to expect from future fraudsters. Tax fraud is a common white collar crime that affects nearly every industry.

No every company knowingly files fraudulent tax returns. This is especially true for new companies just looking to file complicated expenditure reports. Compliance officers help these companies stay out of the IRS red zone through transparent and helpful advice. Extra security checks, in addition to company education efforts, are part of compliance’s role.

This is especially useful as congressional budget cuts are inhibiting IRS ability to collect a national $3.1 trillion annual tax bill. This is why fraudulent tax returns are an IRS and company nightmare. Neither side wants to deal with the complicated procedures in place to deal with these returns.

Helane Morrison represents a new brand of compliance officers and experts well versed in company compliance guidelines. Setting the bar for female administrators within the SEC, she has made a name for herself within San Francisco finance. Along with Morrison female compliance officers Valerie Caproni, Mary Keefe, and Carmen Lawrence are have many year experience in setting compliance standard for the finance centered regional hubs they are located within.

Morrison has reported that compliance efforts have tightened since San Francisco District Office had doubled. Going from 30 to 60 within five years, increased increased work loads have challenged the enforcement and examination staffs, but have made them even more competent in the major issues which are affecting the finance industry as of today.

She heads and office of professionals that investigate those who cheat investors. These types of schemes can often utilize tax schemes or simple embezzlement tactics. Morrison has been stern to ensure that the finance industry goes after companies and the individuals within them that make the financial industry a risky venture for those wanting a straightforward and honest approach to investing.

Listening to Wirth’s Positive Approach

The current draught has hit California is a great tragedy to many resorts in the area but not so for Squaw Valley. Recently tuned in to listen to the KCRW’s Press Play program to listen to Andy Wirth the CEO and president of the resort who sounded quite optimistic about the current situation. Andy Wirth joined the resort to head it to the great enterprise it is today five years ago. Wirth is a guru in the hospitality industry and his acumen is recognized all in areas in the business. The Squaw Valley resort has been on the rise since Wirth took over its leadership and today the business is doing very well. Due to this, Wirth has won enough awards for his participation in the industry and his innovative mind.

As I listened to the interview, I was keen to notice how composed the hotelier was while answering his questions. He was being interviewed by Madeline Brand and one could easily pick up his confidence in the market and the industry as a whole. While other resorts are closing down and worrying about the profitability of their businesses, Wirth remained positive that business will still be good. He was quick to admit that the drought has drastically reduce the amount of snowfall and this is not good for the skiing business. However, he was adamant that the situation is not as dire as it seems.

While admitting that the current low levels of snowfall have affected the industry, Wirth maintains that Squaw Valley resort has been profitable amidst all this. His positive approach to the issue is probably the reason why Squaw Valley resort is doing very well in a market hit by natural limitations. Skiing depends greatly on snowfalls and the drought in California has not been making the situation any easier. However, Wirth with his skills and experience in the market sees no cause for panic. Just like a professional and a great entrepreneur, he sees other options that can be pursued to harness the market’s potential.

Wirth is a very positive individual and this has made him a successful investor in the market. Instead of looking at the problems that the current drought poses, he has a solution already for the situation. Wirth proposes intends to pursue the manmade snow option to satisfy the skiing need of his clients. He admits that the low levels of snowfalls have reduced the amount of acreage that the resort offers for skiing activities but he remains adamant that this can be compensated by manmade snow. According to him, the drought presents his business with an opportunity rather than the challenge that other are foreseeing.it was amazing to listen to Wirth and to hear his positive breath in the midst of possible tribulations business wise.

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The Deadly Hike

Brutal hazings for college fraternities and sororities have been banned from college campuses all over the country. The hazing are notoriously dangerous and have taken the lives of numerous young people. One California family is feeling that pain after they lost a loved one to hazing. A California college student died after being a part of a brutal fraternity hike. The family has decided to sue the school after the loss of their loved one. Members of the family are claiming that the death was easily preventable and senseless to say the least. Armando Villa died after collapsing during a treacherous 18 mile hike that was organized by his fraternity. A school investigation found out that the hikers had little water, were hiking in hot temperatures, and did not have the proper shoes for hiking.


After the final autopsy was performed the school’s investigation concluded that the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity and their hazing were to blame. The CEO of the national fraternity would not comment on the lawsuit at this time. The fraternity did however shut down the chapter in which Armando Villa lost his life to. The fraternity also gave generous remarks and condolences and extended their thoughts and prayers to the family. Knowing that the fraternity chapter is closed has given the family and their community some closure. Watts sees this as a pretty tough situation. They are truly hoping that no one else has to lose their lives to senseless acts of bravado.

Wisconsin Joins Connecticut in Microbead Ban

Plastic microbeads damage the environment. They have also been linked to animal and human health issues. Connecticut’s decision to ban microbeads on Tuesday has already had an impact on other states:

Although Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is not well-known for making good decisions that benefit all of the people in his state, it was announced late yesterday, July 1, that he has decided to ban microbeads. Only seven states in the United States, including Illinois, Ohio, New York and New Jersey, currently have official bans against the production, sales and non-secure disposal of microbeads.

Of course, unlike the officials in many other states, Governor Walker’s decision is mostly for show, at least from what Adam has seen. The ban on manufacturing of the beads will not start until 2018, which means that tons of non-biodegradable beads will be allowed into the market over the next two years.

The Personal Care Products Council and many health and beauty companies initially insisted that microbeads were not harmful to the environment, animals or humans even though a lot of scientific studies had proven that they are a blight on the face of the planet. They have since attempted to save face by supporting the bans. Around 90 percent of the plastic particles found in Lake Erie are supposedly from microbeads.

Many believe that the United State isn’t doing enough. The Netherlands has pledged to be “virtually free” of microbeads from products by 2016.