Chris Burch

The hotel business is rapidly changing. With the online growth of rental homes, hotels have to offer additional options to customers. Chris Burch is a business owner who has had success in various industries ( He currently owns a large hotel that is financially successful. Although it was difficult to get started, he now enjoys earning significant profits from the hotel each year.

Early Career

Chris Burch started his career by working for a large corporation. Although he advanced at the company, he was not happy working for other people. Instead, he wanted to own his own company.

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The first company he started was a major failure. He had no business experience, and he had little capital to invest in the business idea. Chris Burch learned valuable lessons from this experience.

Hotel Business

After working in the real estate industry for a few years, Chris Burch decided to start a hotel ( A hotel is a significant financial risk. If a hotel is successful, it will generate a ton of income each month. However, failing with a hotel venture can lead to bankruptcy.

Chris Burch had to ask multiple banks for a loan to get started on this project. No bank would lend him money for his business idea. He decided to work with a group of private investors. These investors helped fund the idea for him.

Future Plans

With the success of his contemporary hotel, Chris Burch is planning to open additional locations throughout the country. Each site will be modeled after his first hotel. With positive ratings from customers, this concept is a proven winner.  For his new and follow on investment, check

Chris Burch is also planning to invest money into local charities to help people in poverty. He has a passion for helping people who are struggling financially. He knows how hard it is to survive without a secure financial future.


The Contribution of Chris Bruch in the Artistic World

The year 1957 saw the birth of Chris Burch. He was born in Sugarcreek, Missouri. Chris attended the University of Kansas where he studied Ceramics and sculptures and earned BFA in the same field. He later joined the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In the year 1986, Bruch relocated to the city of Seattle. For more than two decades, he has lived in the town of Seattle where he has obtained much of his experience in the field of art. The effect of homelessness and economic inequality in the American culture propelled his operations. This gave him sleepless nights and restless days trying to find a lasting solution to the vice. The biggest problem in that era was the vast difference created between the rich and the have-nots. This in return made the poor people more miserable and as well made the rich people even richer. His main agenda was to bridge the gap and uplift the lives of the poor people. As recognition of his good work, the Seattle Arts Commission awarded him the Northwest significant works award. This in return propelled the art field where a commission for Northgate Transit Center station began a ten- year’s engagement with the sector of arts at the free level. This period gave him a perfect opportunity to exercise what he is best at doing. As a result of this, he reaped many critical appraisals that made his name, and fame spread globally. This gave him a significant boost to his career as his work was published in Major national publications.  Hit on for some interesting articles.

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Chris Burch widened his ridges in the early 1990s by integrating other issues related to consumer culture as well as social and economic disparity with an exceptional artistic appeal. He made this possible by making sure that he minimized the use of traditional raw materials as well as monotonous progressions. The step gave his work a new fantastic look and in return added up to his reputation. His skills kept booming every step of his undertakings. During this time, Chris Burch’s career got another upfront boost after he received the Betty Bowen Memorial Award.

In the year 2001, Chris Burch got another engagement after having received a partnership call from the Behnke Foundation. Hop over to this to read additional article.The foundation is based in Seattle. This saw him serve the organization under the visiting instructor position at Montana State University. He also extended his service to the Columbia College Center under the same capacity. His great work saw one of his sculpture bought as a fragment of the Honors award program for the king country assortment. Be updated with Burch timeline activities, click on

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