The Top 5 Reasons on Why You Should Join the Oxford Club

Having a group of like-minded individuals around you when getting into business is essential for success. Business as an investment is a tough journey, and you need strong shoulders to lean on when things get tough and in decision making if you want to be successful. This is why business and investment-oriented clubs like the Oxford Club exist. Here are the main benefits of being a member of this particular club:

  1. Privileged Networking

As a business person, the larger your business networks are, the more the success of your business. This club gives you an opportunity to network globally with other business persons from over 131 countries.

  1. Exclusive access to investment resources

This club conducts a lot of business and investment related research around the globe. As a member, you will have exclusive access to these researches and philosophies. This information can be very vital in making investment decisions.

  1. Monthly market updates

Today, the Oxford Club newsletter is regarded as one of the most reliable investment publications. As a member, you will be entitled to this newsletter with the latest in business and investment monthly.

  1. Top notch financial advisers

This business and investment club is known to have some of the best financial advisers in the world. You can have access to them if you are a member.

  1. Access to clubhouse and gatherings

As a member of this club, you will be able to attend club’s conventions and use the clubhouses globally.

About Oxford Club

This is a global private investors and entrepreneurs network. This club brings together business and investment minds from all fields. The primary business focus areas for this club include bonds, funds, cover equities, real estate, currencies and precious metals.

The Oxford Club formally began operations in 1989 with the name Passport Club. The main aim for the formation of this club was to aid the sharing of business opportunities among the founders.

According to this source, the club has three membership levels with privileges varying depending on the membership level. The club enjoys having members from 131 countries globally. Julia Guth is the current CEO of the club. Connect with @The_Oxford_Club to learn more about this membership club.


Jeff Yastine, a Financial Editor cum Journalist

When it comes to stock summary analysis, Jeff is a pro in the area. His predictions have been reliable to stock markets investors for quite some time, barely missing a prediction. His latest prediction on mergers acquisitions just made a high return over December just before Christmas. It was such a beautiful Christmas gift for those who invested in the area.

For 2018’s investment, Jeff Yastine focuses on Embraer and the Amazon competitors. Despite of having a 30% windfall by Embraer, Jeff explains that it is not the end of it as the Brazilian government is likely to sell its piece and as the biggest shareholder, it is going to sell at a good price.

The US retail sector is a place to look for as Amazon face competition from other global competitors. Several internet retailers are pairing against Inc. A focus of retail companies such as the EBay, the Kroger Co. and the W.W. Grainger Inc. though not the fixer uppers but profitable and successful companies will be promising.

According to Jeff Yastine, the three companies are expected to report a profit of not less than $ 15 per share and a 2% as dividend to its shareholders. Therefore, if one wants to invest in the market and have promising returns, they should consider these three Amazon.Com Inc. competitors.

Jeff Yastine serves at Banyan Hill Publishing as an Editorial Director. He is a successful journalist and editor of Total Wealth Insider. Out of his outstanding reporting, Jeff has been in a position to interview some of the most successful figures and from such interviews; he has been able to borrow knowledge which he shares in his publications.

His journalism career had seen him get nominated for the Emmy Award for extensively reporting on public infrastructure. He focused on infrastructure that was crucial yet underfunded bringing into light what could have otherwise remained unnoticed. He also formed part of the team of NBR journalists in 2002 who won the Financial Journalism Award of Excellence from the Society of Public Accountants in New York State.

He contributes weekly to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor and Sovereign Investor Daily. His wide journalism experience helps him to easily identify opportunities which he publishes in these journals giving investors a breakthrough in what, where and when to invest in order to gain profits. He has been able to warn investors on markets which are likely to attract losses so as to keep off such markets.

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Paul Mampilly’s newsletter has cracked the ceiling with an outstanding number of subscribers

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Profits Unlimited, a stock market newsletter. As of March 9th, the newsletter has cracked the ceiling with 60,000 subscribers. Mr. Mampilly had the idea of giving some great stock investment advice to people. He partnered with Banyan Hill Publishing to get his idea out there last year. In his newsletter, he tells the people about new stocks and how well the stock is doing on his website. Being unique, Mr. Mampilly tells his readers that they should buy the stocks themselves in their own accounts. Two readers of his newsletter have said they have made a lot of money with the stocks he offered.

Paul Mampilly started his outstanding journey back in 1989 as an Account Assistant at Chatham Street Management. In 1991, he became Account Administrator at Bankers Trust Company. Bankers Trust Company changed to Deutsche Bank. Mr. Mampilly had helped them gain 40 billion dollars in the Taft-Hartley and Public Fund accounts. In 1999, he was a research analyst at Deutsche Asset Management. Mr. Mampilly commended healthcare, financial and utility stocks while working there. He also helped ING Funds with healthcare stocks in 2002.

Paul Mampilly founded Capuchinomics in 2003. Capuchinomics was a research service that spotlighted on behavioral finance. For Kinetics Asset Management, he helped the Kinetics Hedge Fund have 25 billion dollars in assets. In 2011, Mr. Mampilly commended investment choices in four newsletters published by Common Sense Publishing. With his advice, there were 25 million dollars in sales.

Mr. Mampilly acquired a BBA in Finance and Accounting at Montclair State University in 1991. He also acquired an MBA in Finance at Fordham Gabelli School of Business in 1997. In 2009, Mr. Mamapilly won an investment competition which was orchestrated by Templeton Foundation. He wowed everyone by molding a 50 million dollar investing into an 88 million dollar investment.

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