Meet Wes Edens, the Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is the co-chief executive officer and the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He has a lot of background experience in the finance industry and possesses and proven record of achievements. He has been on the frontline pushing for various development agendas for his company. Wes is one of the masterminds of the success of Fortress Investment Group. A lot of the achievements witnessed at the company since its establishment in 1998 have been implemented by him. The company provides its investors with opportunities in private equity, capital vehicles, and hedge funds.

Wes Edens happens to have a special skill that helps him in identifying the necessary investment opportunities. He is a very famous entrepreneur with a lot of expertise in the transport industry and has played significant roles in the Miami commuter systems. He has a lot of experience in the transport industry and has been known for his excellent contributions at the Brightline services.

Wes Edens through his innovations has been able to lead the company towards increasing in its investments. As the company’s co-chair, he happens to bring a lot of innovations that have helped the company get over 1750 clients. His leadership has been attributed by continued education as well as research in the world of finance. He has been able to work closely with experts so that he can remain updated on the changes happening in the business world.

Wes Edens is a graduate of the famous Oregon University where he studied a bachelor of science in finance. After graduation, he started working at a California based bank and has since then served at various prestigious positions for several companies. He started as the managing partner of Lehman Brothers and served for six years. He later joined BlackRock Financial Management. He was able to establish a private equity fund at the company. Fortress happens to be a company managed by a group of there partners who have a lot of experience in the energy, healthcare and finance sectors. The combination makes the company the best investment hub across the globe. Very many people have been able to achieve tremendous results while acting as investors of the company.

Jed McCaleb Explains Why He Came Up With Stellar

The concept of cryptocurrencies has been around for years, long before the first one, bitcoin, was released in 2009. They are built upon blockchain technology which provides cryptocurrencies a decentralized ledger to track who owns what. They have been called a democratic phenomenon which will eventually disrupt a number of industries. One of the pioneers of this field is entrepreneur Jed McCaleb which saw their potential years ago.

Some of the main purposes that cryptocurrencies were meant to solve were to reduce the costs of moving money around and enabling people around the globe to financially connect with one another. However, this original concept has been buried by a deluge of new initial coin offerings and projects using crypto. Jed McCaleb came up with a new finance platform named Stellar which is designed to fulfill the original concept of digital currencies. Poor and rich alike can use Stellar all around the world. He set his organization up as a nonprofit, unlike pretty much any other entity behind other cryptocurrencies. His goal is to help people fulfill their basic financial needs.

Stellar Development Fund was established in June 2014. The goal is a philanthropic one, as Jed McCaleb explains it, which is to provide banking services to the half of the world who don’t have access to banking services. As a nonprofit there are no individual profits involved for either the employees of this organization or its investors. Stellar uses open-source code which allows people to send and receive cross-border payments over a service with is distributed in nature.

Jed McCaleb says that so far 100 billion Lumens have been created for the Stellar projects. Lumens are the name of the coin this system uses. His nonprofit adds another 1% of Lumens each year. In order to help get this project off the ground Stripe supplied $3 million and in exchange they received 2% of the Lumens that were available at the time. He says that 18 billion Lumens have been sent out to various entities to date, such as 4 billion to people new to Stellar and another 2 billion held by those who hold bitcoin.

Jed talks about how cryptocurrency will reshape the global payments in this article –

If Jeff Yastine Says It, You Should Probably Do It

If you need investment advice, Jeff Yastine is the man you should talk to. He is the editor of Total Wealth Insider and became the editorial director of Banyan Hill publishing in 2015. Prior to to this he spent 17 years working for PBS as the senior correspondent for the nightly business report. That job allowed him the opportunity to learn a few things about investing from successful business people like Warren Buffett. His time on the show centered around teaching people about investing and giving them advice about potentially successful investments. Throughout all of his work he has adopted many different perspectives and covered various scenarios, explaining how they affect business. He’s covered everything from natural disasters to the housing market crisis in the mid-2000s. More info about Jeff Yastine at

Currently, Yastine is opening people’s eyes up to one investment that might be particularly successful in the coming years. He is encouraging people to invest in something called “Regtech”. The term “Regtech” refers to regulatory technology. Essentially, regtech companies use blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and other high-tech software to help banks and other companies ensure that they are following all the laws the government asks them to abide by. These days, more and more regulations are being enforced, which means it takes more and more resources to make sure they are being followed. Check:

In fact, it is projected that by 2020, banks will be spending about $120 billion per year in order to make sure that they are indeed complying with all of the regulations they are expected to meet. Presently, there are less than 100 small enterprises paving the way in the field of regtech. This means that investors have the opportunity to really get involved now, and potentially make huge profits over time. Though regtech will cost Banks less than their previous means of following regulatory practices, regtech companies will still being seeing so much more business that it would be smart for a person to invest in them. Jeff Yastine is the winner of a Business Emmy Award whose reputation speaks for itself. If he advises that people invest in regtech, it is wise that people give the idea some serious consideration. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Jeff Yastine


Tony Petrello- World’s best business executive

Anthony Petrello is among the best CEOs from the United States. He is the CEO and president of the oil and drilling firm, Nabors Industries. This firm deals with the drilling of natural gas and oil. It is the best firm in the industry. For the time it has been in operation, there has never been a better time for the company like now. The company is currently the largest drilling company in the world. Nabors Industries boasts of great drilling technology that is applied in its operations as well as having the best drilling rigs in the industry.

Nabors Industries under the management of Anthony Petrello have been great. He is the person who has managed to transform the fortunes of the company. Before he joined the company, it was a normal struggling company. He came up with the energy that was needed to push the company to a higher level. Since he joined the company, everything changed. The company started recording improvements. The once-struggling company was expanding its operations to far and beyond. Nabors Industries is located in Texas. It has operations in more than 25 locations all over the world. Mathematics, Law, Business, and Charity: The Unique American Dream of Tony Petrello

Nabors Industries success has never come easy. It has resulted from the commitment of the management team. Led by Anthony Petrello, the management has made substantial changes in the company which has influenced the success that we see today. Anthony Petrello has implemented a strategy of acquisitions as a route for the development of the company. This approach has enabled the company ward off competition as well as helping it expand its operations to more countries. Nabors Industries have been on a constant trend of growth. This growth is expected to push the company higher and higher. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello has managed to drive the company into another level of success due to his ability to be innovative. He is a brilliant manager whose approach of coming up with innovative and new ideas have made Nabors Industries the best company in the world. As a business manager, he leads from the front. He has managed to succeed due to his personal efforts of establishing working methods to push this company to new frontiers. With new drilling operations in almost every corner of the world, Nabors Industries is expected to remain in a development path.

Jeff Yastine, a Financial Editor cum Journalist

When it comes to stock summary analysis, Jeff is a pro in the area. His predictions have been reliable to stock markets investors for quite some time, barely missing a prediction. His latest prediction on mergers acquisitions just made a high return over December just before Christmas. It was such a beautiful Christmas gift for those who invested in the area.

For 2018’s investment, Jeff Yastine focuses on Embraer and the Amazon competitors. Despite of having a 30% windfall by Embraer, Jeff explains that it is not the end of it as the Brazilian government is likely to sell its piece and as the biggest shareholder, it is going to sell at a good price.

The US retail sector is a place to look for as Amazon face competition from other global competitors. Several internet retailers are pairing against Inc. A focus of retail companies such as the EBay, the Kroger Co. and the W.W. Grainger Inc. though not the fixer uppers but profitable and successful companies will be promising.

According to Jeff Yastine, the three companies are expected to report a profit of not less than $ 15 per share and a 2% as dividend to its shareholders. Therefore, if one wants to invest in the market and have promising returns, they should consider these three Amazon.Com Inc. competitors.

Jeff Yastine serves at Banyan Hill Publishing as an Editorial Director. He is a successful journalist and editor of Total Wealth Insider. Out of his outstanding reporting, Jeff has been in a position to interview some of the most successful figures and from such interviews; he has been able to borrow knowledge which he shares in his publications.

His journalism career had seen him get nominated for the Emmy Award for extensively reporting on public infrastructure. He focused on infrastructure that was crucial yet underfunded bringing into light what could have otherwise remained unnoticed. He also formed part of the team of NBR journalists in 2002 who won the Financial Journalism Award of Excellence from the Society of Public Accountants in New York State.

He contributes weekly to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor and Sovereign Investor Daily. His wide journalism experience helps him to easily identify opportunities which he publishes in these journals giving investors a breakthrough in what, where and when to invest in order to gain profits. He has been able to warn investors on markets which are likely to attract losses so as to keep off such markets.

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The Future of Money With the Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a private organization located in Baltimore, Maryland. The company was founded in 1989. The company consists of investors and entrepreneurs. The Oxford Club has more than one hundred thirty thousand members. The goal of the group is to provide the members with the best ways to expand and extend their wealth for retirement purposes.

The Oxford Club has a monthly newsletter for their membership. It provides the latest trends and investments. The Oxford Clun is owned by The Agora and has expanded their services to more than one hundred countries worldwide.

The recommendations of The Oxford Club cover every facet of the market with a system that has worked for the Oxford Club in the past. Such things that are looked at by the Oxford Club are things like stocks, bonds, equity funds, real estate, and currencies. In an interview with Investment U, Adam Sharp explains what initial coin offerings are and Altcoins. Altcoins stands for alternative currencies.

As the interview opens Adam talks about the different types of Altcoins in the markets today such as Bitcoins and Litecoin. Sharp says that investors want to try to find something different and new in the market in order to expand their wealth potential. He says there are many other currencies out there besides Bitcoin. Currently, Bitcoin is the only currency with an open source. This means that the users of Bitcoin can use the code in any way, shape, and form. Bitcoin was one of the first Altcoins to hit the market and others have followed in its path. Bitcoin had an ICO or Initial Coin Offering in 2013 but not much has happened until now.

Sharp says that when Bitcoin first came out it dominated the Altcoin market. In three years the influence of Bitcoin has decreased to only half of the Altcoin market. Altcoins are becoming the future currencies of the market a little at a time.

This is one way that The Oxford Club can take a look at future trends. It can help investors make the right choice for themselves and grow their wealth.

Madison Street Capital; the Leading Provider of Financial Advisories

Today, the world of business is flooded with uncountable players making it difficult for the unlucky ones to achieve their desires. However, on a professional’s point of view, in the already crowded market lies a tiny window for every investor willing to double up his or her money. On this, various firms have been established, and all focused on assisting various ventures achieve their profitable levels. Madison Street Capital is among the few, but the substantial effort towards the business world can never go unmentioned.


As the name implies, the distinguished firm holds the keys to the business’ street. The respected financial firm has been in the game for about 12 years but has managed to set a pace that many companies have never achieved. MSC has worked in close collaboration with many successful companies across the corners of the world.


For example, back in 2014, the successful financial firm made it public that it had offered its much-needed services to Vital Care Industries. As we all understand, the medical company has been in business for almost 35 years. However, Vital Care’s CEO could not hesitate but to give credits to MSC for its involvement in the redefining of Vital Care.


MSC has a reputation of picking the best personalities in the industry. It’s the firm’s culture to recruit not only the qualified but also those talented and passionate about business. Not long ago, the company’s COO received a 40 Under Forty Award from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The noble prize was won by Marsala as an appreciation for his endless effort in transforming the firm’s operations. The young COO holds a Master’s degree and more than ten years’ experience in the field.


Over and over again, Madison Street Capital has continued to deliver incredible results, and this has seen it praised by different platforms. Last year, the respected firm was ranked as the M&A Advisor finalist by finance professionals. We all understand the hard work and effort needed to scoop such a high title. Besides, MSC scooped a Turnaround Award earlier this year, a competition that involved more than 300 companies.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison is Chicago based financial firm with an incredible reputation that surpasses that of many commercial enterprises in the game. However, today, the company owns offices in Asia, Africa, and North America. MSC has a reputation of leading when it comes to the task of providing mergers and acquisition advisories a duty that has seen it crowned with numerous laurels.


When it comes to experience, MSC takes pride in holding all that is required to emerge the best. Not only does it know how well to build a cordial link between a buyer and seller but it also understands how to initiate successful amalgamations. Not long ago, MSC facilitated the merging between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group, one of the successful mergers. Learn more:


Away from the credits, investment, and financial advisories, MSC is also involved in many charitable acts. For example, in 2011, the firm donated a considerable amount of money to support the victims of weather catastrophe. Besides, the company regularly gives towards the United Way as well as the United States Red Cross.

Utilizing Wealth Solutions for Rental Issues

When you rent a home or apartment, it can be difficult to know that you are protecting yourself and your family. After all, there are things that can happen when renting that would happen even if you were a homeowner and this is why you may need assistance from a company like Wealth Solutions. This is a company that can easily assist in all things rental and insurance-related, making it easy for you to feel confident in the work being done. You can contact this type of company to see what they are able to do for you.

Richard Blair is the owner and operator of Wealth Solutions and can easily help you with any financial or rent-related problems. He is there to assist in the needs that his clients have, making it easy for them to know that they are getting the help they require to rent easily and confidently. The most important thing to know about Richard Blair is that he has the experience and knowledge to back him up and to help people with a wide array of different problems. Be sure to contact Richard Blair if you are considering renting and want more information on insurance and anything else that you might need.

The fact that Richard Blair is there to assist with your rental problems can put your mind at complete ease. There is no reason to worry and deal with insurance problems yourself when there are other things to worry about and when there is a company like Wealth Solutions there to help you out as well. The first and most important thing for you to do is to contact the company to see what they are able to do for you. From there, it is quick and easy for you to get the help you require to live a happy life.

The most important thing for any renter is to have the proper insurance and to know that they are using something beneficial for their needs. This is because it can help you to feel good about your situation and know that you are getting professional help when you need it the most. It is vital that you look into working with Richard Blair and his company to see if they can help you out. Once you hire their services, you can relax while they take care of all of the work for you.

Solo Capital and Their Contribution to Ensuring Business Success

Many people have tried out different areas of investment in the hope that they will get returns that are sustainable. However, due to many challenges that happen to businesses, some end up making losses and eventually exit the market, leaving only established businesses. This does not steal all hope for investors as it is possible to invest and make profit, if you get the right information. Lack of technical know-how should never be held as a reason for one to fail to achieve a certain goal. You can rely on professionals who have been in the business world for many years and they will help you make the right decisions and at the perfect time. Solo Capital is a leading company that has been offering services that have allowed investors to embrace profits.

Solo Capital offers services in various areas, including investment management. With the help of Solo Capital, you will not have to handle difficult tasks of managing your venture and making complicated plans that you may not easily comprehend. The company will take up this role to eliminate any chances of making the wrong decisions or misinterpreting information collected about a business. This has allowed them to manage various investments for leading firms, which have also been able to record positive results.

Proprietary trading is an issue that many people will want to place in the hands of professionals due to the requirements that are needed and the risks involved. This is an area Solo Capital has embraced fully ad they have been able to offer solutions to the transactions. Many people who have used Solo Capital have confirmed that the company is always dedicated to offering the best to its customers. All documentation that is required to complete the transactions is taken care of by the company.

Brokerage is also an area that Solo Capital has ventured into successfully. They have worked on different projects that have been handed over to buyers and the sellers have been able to release their property within few days. One of the things that make the company more reliable is the fact that they have established connections and built trust due to the honest transactions they have been offering. Solo Capital has also invested in offering global security for different companies and businesses. Generally, they have been ranked among top companies that have invested in sensitive areas yet have managed to maintain top performance and reliability. Get in touch with Solo Capital on Twitter, or you can like them on Facebook.

The US Money Reserve Has Made Many People Happy

There are many people who have been quite happy with the things that the US Money Reserve has done for them through the years. The US Money Reserve knows a lot about precious metals and what is right to do when investing in them, and everyone who makes investments with the help of the US Money Reserve feels that they have done the right thing. They know that the US Money Reserve has helped them in the best way possible, and they feel good about what they have done when they go to the company for advice.
The US Money Reserve is known for its customer service and the way that it cares for all of those who come to it, and everyone who needs help when investing is sure to get all of the help that they need when they choose to go to that company. The US Money Reserve is all about making sure that things are done right for all of those who come to it for help and advice.
The US Money Reserve is a trustworthy company that has made many people happy through the years. It’s a company that hands out advice in regard to investing in precious metals, and it is a company that knows a lot about all of that. If anyone is wondering what they should be doing in regard to investing, then the US Money Reserve is just the place for them to go for advice. The company will be sure to tell them everything that they need to know, and they will be sure to feel very good about the things that they have chosen to do when they have taken the US Money Reserve’s advice on things.
There are some companies that just succeed better than others in the things that they are trying to do, and the US Money Reserve is one of them. It’s one of the most knowledgeable and helpful companies out there, and many people appreciate it for everything that it has been able to help them with as they have gone about investing in precious metals.