Agora Financial Offers Investment Tips

Recently, Agora Financial published information that explains to investors the best strategies for investing in the future. The most important thing for any investor to keep in mind is that in order to invest properly, the investor will need to have information and make wise choices.

The first thing that an investor should do is figure out her goals. The long-term goals are most likely retirement and buying a home. Short-term goals might include purchasing a new car or saving for a once in a lifetime vacation. Investors need to know that there are both long-term and short-term investment options. The IRA and 401(k) plans are long-term investment instruments for people to save for retirement and long-term goals. More short-term investments include certificates of deposits and money market accounts. Investors should have both types of investments in their portfolios.

Investors also need to have an understanding of how much risk that they want to take. Some people will not be comfortable in high-risk investments such as certain types of stocks and bonds. Other investors will be more tolerant of risk. These will usually be younger people who if they experience a loss, they will have an opportunity to recoup some of of the loss. There is nothing wrong with being safe with one’s money.

All investors should have a diverse portfolio of investments. They should not have all of their money in a single stock or in one single market segment. A diverse portfolio includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate and cash. Investors should reevaluate their portfolios from time to time to make sure that the portfolio is maintaining its diversity and overall performance.

Finally, Agora Financial recommends that those who are investing for the future seek wise council from a reputable financial advisor. A good financial advisor will be able to help an investor balance his portfolio, assess goals and determine the risk level that the investor is comfortable with.

Now is The Time To Invest in Brazil

In a day and age where everyone is looking for a way to make some money, investing has become rather popular. Learning and understanding the art of the stock market can place one in a good position for earning power. In fact, one who truly understands the stock market knows that as with everything else there is a time and a place for investing. I am here to tell you that the time is now and the place is Brazil.

Brazilian investor expert Igor Cornelsen stresses the importance of not just investing but investing with a certain mindset. He believes that some look at buying stocks like a random game of luck. They invest in a stock here or there and hope that it brings great returns. This is by far the worst investment approach. Cornelsen suggest that an individual must first change their mindset around investing. He believes the goal should be to be a long-term investor and take the time to learn and understand the marketin order to make informed decisions.

By following the advice of Igor Cornelsen we can analyze current investing in Brazil. Brazil is a great place to invest at the moment due to the state of the stock market and the value of their currency compared to that of the US dollar. As an informed investor who is thinking long-term, we know that just because the market is suffering right now does not mean that we should shy away from making an investment. In fact, we should do the opposite. The market is down so stocks are cheap and the US dollar has a higher currency which means at this moment we have incredible buying power.

It may seem risky but I guarantee you that other informed investors aren’t letting this scare them away. Investing in a time like this could have huge returns. With the US dollar having higher buying power and stocks priced low it really is a risk worth taking. Remember, investing is not a game of luck but an art that should be taken on by people who wish to learn and understand the proper way to make informed investment decisions. Through proper analyzing we know that now is the time to invest in the Brazilian stock market.

Best and Worst Investment Tips in 2015

The financial investment trends in 2015 looks brighter and bigger, says a top financial adviser in our country. With new saving options and expanded investment niches, you can find varied options to build a better financial future for you and your family. Here is a brief summary on this topic.

Stocks and Bonds:

Compared to the previous year, many stock prices have thrived this year. It seems the U.S.A bond index is currently generating 5.19 percent return, which is most likely to increase. Similarly, the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index generated a good total return of 10.35 percent. While a number of companies have done exceptionally well in the stock market, some companies experienced a dip in their stock prices too. Those looking for some investment options this year shouldn’t miss the stock and bond investments in 2015 and be sure to check out any investment tips from financial expert Igor Cornelsen.


Despite of all changes and dips in the real estate market last year, the price of homes and apartments looks stable this year. Investment opportunities is real estate is already expanding. However, the future will be full of surprises. If you have decided to make a real estate investment, then check for vacation homes or timeshare for better return opportunities. Buying a new home can also be a good idea this year.

Technology investments:

If you take a closer look at the strategic financial growth opportunities, then you should know the power of technology investments. With the growing need of technology, applications, and gadgets, the technology sector is growing better and bigger. That means you can expect a good return if you are looking forward for a steady and positive gain from your investments. Some of the best investment choices in this sector include buying tech stocks. As per the performance report in the last 12 months, there is about 11 percent of net gain in the technology stock market. This trend will certainly continue next year as well. Investors can choose innovative companies like Facebook or Zendesk for better return opportunities.
Worst investments:

Gold and Oil:

While most of the investment sectors are stable now with growing stock prices, oil and gold investment options are quite unstable even this year. The stock prices of oil companies are falling. Similarly, the value of the yellow metal is the lowest since 2011.

As half of the year has already passed, it is now clear about the best and worst investments that you can make in 2015. To check out more tips from Cornelsen, check out his website.

Criteria From Sultan Alhokair Seed Funding

Any business investment needs a seed stage investment in order to grow. This’s the startup capital that is required by a business to pay for its startup cost before it launches. This process needs seed investors who gain a share of the business profit in return to their initial startup capital for the investment. Sultan Alhokair is one of such seed investors, and Bloomberg notes that he works hand in hand with Valia Investments, assisting in determining which companies qualify for seed funding.

Below are a couple of fundamental guidelines that Sultan Alhokair follows.
Potential for getting back their seed funding is fundamental. Any seed funding Company wants returns on their investment. Seed funding comes at a price, investors like Alhokair want a return from the companies which they invest in, usually sooner rather than later. A company with a potential to grow and pay back their seed investment, will be in a better position to be more attractive at seed level. One key is a companies compelling story towards success.
A factual storyline from a business company looking for its startup capital is important. This means that the company has done its market research carefully and is ready to present its argument so as to qualify for seed funding. Without a compelling or attractive story, the lack of a seed investor to make it a success will be immediately recognizable through consumer validation.
Before an idea comes to birth, there needs to be an existing proof that the idea would be successful. This means that market research should be carefully carried out to reveal that there is a need in that product. A company seeking for meaningful startup funding, needs to show proof that there’s a legitimate interest in what their offering – viable exit strategies.
Sultan Alhokair seed investors are patient, and they do realize that at times it takes a little longer for a company to get off the ground. However, if things look like they’re not working out, it is crucial to have a viable exit plan for the investor. An investor has put their finances in a company, so having a way they can pull out, and not leave an investment crumbling is one of the good attributes about Sultan Alhokair.

These are some of the fundamental tips that Sultan Alhokair and Valia Investments look for before seed funding a company. Sultan Alhokair makes these kinds of decisions on a daily basis.