All You Need To Know About Evergreen Healthcare’s Drew Madden

Evergreen Healthcare Partners was launched after a collection of Madison-based businesspeople recently announced its entry into the market via LinkedIn. Madison is well-known as a wellspring for companies, which specialize in digital medical records consulting, including Bluetree Network, Sagacious Consultants, and Nordic, among others. One of the founders of Evergreen is Drew Madden, who was previously the president of Nordic. Evergreen Healthcare’s website says that the firm aims to advise healthcare providers on specialized technology solutions and different HER platforms. Madden adds that, while the core focus of the new company would be on health records, the company plans to go beyond that by providing broad-based support for healthcare technology.

Education and Early Career

Mr. Drew Madden made his name while at the helm of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc., where his principal responsibilities were recruiting, consulting operations and business development. Before he joined the team at Nordic, he had been Ingenix Consulting’s Regional Sales Director for the Midwest region responsible for client development and consulting sales. Drew had also been a consultant at Healthia before Ingenix acquired the company.

Drew is an experienced and highly respected IT professional, boasting nearly ten years’ experience in implementing, optimizing and planning of electronic records for various hospitals across the nation. He is certified by EPIC and worked in consulting for some years, which included two years at the Cerner Corporation. Drew holds a B.S.E degree in Industrial Engineering, which he attained at the University of Iowa.

Drew’s Vision for Evergreen

With his vast experience in the industry, Drew Madden joined a group of other professionals to launch Evergreen Healthcare Partners, which is an IT company with a focus on advisory services and solutions implementations in multiple HER and HCIT platforms. Drew’s goal is to help organizations in the healthcare field to maximize return on their technology investments, increase end-user satisfaction and improve outcomes. He says that the addition of talent management solutions to the company’s offerings will allow it to assist its client partners to focus on their success in the long term. In his statement on the launch, Drew added that it created a unique opportunity for the firm to actively engage partner organizations seeking for scalable, comprehensive talent solutions.